Anna (hellga) wrote,

England & UK '2012

Well, it looks like I scored tickets for at least one event for the London Olympics. That means, that I shall finally set a foot on English soil for the first time next year. Not that I haven't wanted to visit Britain before, but other countries took priority.

So, the cities that I definitely want to visit:
- London (duh!)
- Oxford (Tolkien!)
- Edinburgh

And then assorted castles, which I am sure the island has no lack of. :) Any other ideas/suggestions? Also, suggestions of a quaint little English town to visit and feel like I am in the Shire. :)

Then I will try to get tickets to a couple more events later in June, when the next phase of ticket sales opens. And then will be the hardest thing of all - finding a room that won't cost an arm and a leg... if normally fairly cheap Vancouver jacked up prices into $600-700 per room per night range, I don't want to even think what London rooms will go at.
Tags: plans, sports, travels
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