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US Economy

Just heard on the news about the Congress being unable to come to an agreement... want to bet it will be the path of least resistance, otherwise known let's get to the non-solution that will let us push the issue off to the next year/next Congress?

At least, the State of New Jersey has pulled its head out of its ass somewhat. Starting July 1st, NJ Medicaid no longer picks up copayments from the HMO plans, so beneficiaries need to pay their $1-3 copays. Which is still about 10 times less than what most other people are paying, not to mention they aren't paying a dime in premiums. But this is a beginning.

I can't express the satisfaction I felt when someone would raise a stink about having to pay a dollar ("But I have Meeeedicaaaaid!!!!) and I would give them the printout from the state with the sweetest smile ever. And tell those who would be the loudest that the state is just about bankrupt, so if they don't pay up now, they can lose their benefit and pay hundreds of dollars in the future if the state runs out of money.

The civilized states (such as Nebraska) have required $2 (later $3) copayments for Medicaid prescriptions for years now. Not to mention review eligibility much more frequently and rigorously, and issue it more judiciously.

On one hand, I have lived through a default and it wasn't pretty. And I have enough to lose were it to happen now that I don't want it to happen. On the other hand, it would be so satisfying to tell the fat-ass entitlement bitches that their medication is now $500 and if they can't pay, I don't care, I am not in the charity business.

Unfortunately, I am no so naive as to hope that balancing of US budget would start with cutting those lifelong entitlement bitches off welfare and Medicaid and making them do useful work, such as maintaining US' crumbling dams and bridges for room and board.

PS Two weeks ago one perfect example of the above category (a certain skin color and so fat she made Jello jealous when she moved) bitched me out when I told her she couldn't wait in the drive through. She asked my name and our customer service number. Little did she know my store manager was behind my back that whole time and heard the whole exchange. :p Funny how no one ever has a problem with coming back or coming inside to wait except that category.

PPS Just to make it clear, those who work minimum wage jobs and have their kids on Medicaid rarely fall into above category. They usually know better than to bitch and moan, actually appreciate what thet get, and behave nicely. Could it be because they know what work means and where money comes from? It's those who have never worked in their life and think the whole world owes them who I have a problem with. They are the ones who believe their every whim should be catered to, immediately, and at any cost. As if, suckers.
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