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My work computer hates me

Somehow, I managed to really screw up my computer karma this week. Probably by being a lazy ass, but still, it hurts.

Yesterday my computer installed some mandatory updates and restarted. Taking all the (stupid, I know!) unsaved work from previous 4 hours while I was at lunch. Screw that.

Today I learned that Pubmed apparently puts ALL search results into clipboard if you try to add to clipboard with nothing selected on that page. Just imagine my joy: I have reviewed 140 articles out of 164, selected about 10-15 as potentially relevant and put them into clipboard. Happy that I am almost done, I click "add to clipboard" at the bottom of that page, as usual, and go to the next page, as usual. Only to see, with horror, that the number of items in clipboard had changed to 164. Which meant I had to do it all over again.

That's called being unlucky.

This has not been a good week... oh well, at least it's over now.
Tags: i am a moron, life sucks, work
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