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Meme, stolen from Aquila

Plus, last week was a good one. I owe Sarah a lunch for forcing me to study for med chem - it has been a while since I felt so comfortable with an exam. And today Roma played to a draw with Milan, which is also pretty good.

1) Would you eat a severed human foot if someone paid you $50,000 US? No. I could eat human flesh I were starving and there was nothing else, but I wouldn't do it for such a little sum of money. For a larger sum, and if it were well-cooked, I would.

2) Do you find the sound of crickets soothing? they are annoying little buggers

3) Do you pick scabs? yes, unfortunately, even though I am old enough to know better

4) If you found a human baby and a kitten starving in the street, who would you feed first if there was no one else around? kitten. Humans should be able to take care of themselves. Besides, someone else is more likely to help the baby. And I would regret a kitten's death more than I would regret a baby's death.

5) Has higher math always struck you as pointless? no, I enjoyed many parts of it.

6) Can you ice skate? I used to compete in speed skating, medium distances

7) Do you think you will live to turn 80? No, and I don't want to.

8) What is your favorite historical period? first half of 20th century and 18th century

9) Do you believe in a supreme being? yes

10) Do you believe the rich have a responsibility to bear greater financial burdens in society than the poor or middle class? Very much a no.

11) If the world were a true meritocracy, would you have progressed as far as you have today or farther? It depends. I am considered to be one of those very intelligent but extremely lazy people everyone loves to hate.

12) Did the dingo really eat the baby? killed it? I neither know nor care.

13) To which do you give precedence when classifying yourself: race, gender, religion, or nationality? nationality. First and foremost, I am a Russian.

14) Do you dream in color? Always.

15) Are you primarily diurnal or nocturnal? both.

16) Do you speak any language fluently besides your native tongue? Two and a half (Russian being native, English, German and Spanish being the others)

17) If you had the power to create a heaven and select one deceased person worthy of going there, whom would you choose? I wouldn't choose just one.

18) Is OJ guilty? Do I care?

19) Would you have sex for money? Depends on the sum. Were it large enough, yes.

20) Can you play a musical instrument? No.

21) Have you ever purposefully starved yourself? No, but there were times I would feel to lazy to eat and go without eating for a day.

22) Are you afraid of the ocean? No, but I don't like it. It's too foreign for me - my home is forests, mountains and rivers.

23) Do you root for the underdog? Very rarely. Only if they used to be winners before and have a fat chance of getting to the top again in the foreseeable future.

24) Do you consider most professional sports to have a deeply homoerotic undertone? No

25) Do you frequently suspect others of having an ulterior motive? No, I generally don't think about motives of others at all.

26) Do you laugh out loud when you're alone? Sometimes.

27) Do you know how to ride a horse? No

28) Have you ever bitten anyone with the intention to harm them? Yes

29) Do you believe love must always entail sacrifice? No

30) Would you enter a burning building to retrieve an inanimate object? Depends on the object and the strength of the fire

31) If you wanted to have children, would you rather adopt or grow your own? I don't want children, but if I end up having them, I would rather have my own.

32) Is your Ebay feedback rating a source of pride to you? I don't sell on-line

33) Do like to play dress-up? Yup

34) Do you support euthanasia for the terminally ill? Yup

35) Have you ever had a panic attack? No

36) Ever get the feeling you're being cheated? Yup? and if I get it, it's always correct

37) Do you have some awful secret you would rather die than have anyone find out about? Not to such extent, but I do have some secrets I wouldn't want to share

38) Was Feodor Kuzmich really Alexander in disguise? Possibly, but I doubt it

39) Do you dislike public transportation? I love it and miss it dearly

40) Is there anything you regret? Nah

And finally, HAPPY HOLIDAY!
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