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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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(no subject)
Remind me again, why do I even bother trying that sorry excuse for a toaster oven that my work has? Wasted good 15 minutes on it just to get my schnitzel out barely warmer than it was when I put it in. That made me very angry on top of the pre-existing flare-up of my idiot allergy (there are times when stupid things other people do or say irritate me a whole lot more than usual). Now I am using up all my mental resources to stop myself from throwing something on the floor or yelling my heart out at someone. Both are poor options because I don't like hurting innocent inanimate objects and innocent bystanders. But I am feeling homicidal nonetheless.



Несколько часов спустя:

Вот удивительно. С одной стороны все еще хочется (но уже приглушенно) заорать: "Ааааа!" и дать кому-нибудь в глаз. А с другой хочется ядовито так себя спросить: "Кхем-кхем, а вы работать не пробовали?"

Но работать не получается. Мозги бегают по потолку внутри черепушки и упорно отказываются притормозить на время необходимое для того, чтобы на чем-то сконцентрироваться.

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Direct your fury to... *Lana is trying to figure out if she has enemies worth killing.

А день так чудесно начинался... ну дождливый, ну мерзкий - зато на работе было вкусное печенье с утра, и день спокойный - а потом все покатилось в направлении жопы.

Run around the block a few times, and/or just yell. That should help.

It's raining fairly hard outside. And if I yell, people in at least six buildings will know that I am nuts. Which will not do wonders for my career prospects.

Though I have cooled down somewhat already.

Oh please, there is ALWAYS a place you can yell safely. Take it from someone that has to go yell once in a while. Plus you can always cover your mouth with your hand.

That takes all the satisfaction out of it. And if I yell, I am heard almost a mile away. And in a multi-story building, 16 stories away. I speak from experience. :)

Innocent? You say that bloody toaster oven is innocent? I'd probably just break it into peaces )) and they'd have to replace it with a newer one ))))))

Hey, our SVP of R&D makes it work somehow. I guess it only respects people with two doctorate degrees, a measly one doctorate and an unfinished masters are not what makes it tick.

A good reason to get the second one :)

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