Anna (hellga) wrote,


A long time ago I have read a study that said something along the lines of people who change their answer on questions they are not sure about usually do worse on a test than if they left their original answer stand. As far as I can remember, I usually went with my best guess and left it alone, unless I remembered something in the course of working on subsequent questions.

Today I was taking my CPR recertification test, and on two questions I was not sure what the right answer would be. On both I marked the answer different from my initial hunch. I got one right and one wrong. Funnily, my original guesses were also one right, one wrong. Moral of the story: doesn't matter, this way or that, you will get approximately 50% of the questions where you are unsure of the answer if you narrow them down to two possible answers. Pure statistics, regardless of your ability.
Tags: school, smarts
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