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As I was working in the pharmacy yesterday, I was once again reminded how easy it is to take things for granted. Such as, knowing basic math. You know, the very first few grades - learning to add and multiply and subtract... I spent about 5 minutes yesterday proving to one woman that if you need 800mg, you can take two tablets of 400mg each. Really. She wasn't getting it and was asking for 800mg tablets (that do not exist).

Started closet cleaning/organization today. Decided to start with shoes as the easiest part. Found that years of wear, tear and giveaways have taken toll on my shoe reserves and I had 10 empty shoe boxes that did not match any of the shoes on the shoe rack. These went to recycling (except two boxes I saved in case I buy a pair on sale that's missing a box). I own 37 pieces of footwear, including:
- 3 pairs of house slippers
- 2 pairs of flip-flops
- 1 pair of tall boots
- 5 pairs of mid-calf and lower boots
- 1 pair of low-cut booties
- 2 pairs of sneakers
- 1 pair of hiking shoes
- 9 pairs of pumps
- 5 pairs of slingbacks/peep toes
- 4 pairs of fancy sandals
- 4 pairs of slipper-type sandals

Other than that, I did two loads of laundry, including ironing everything that needed to be ironed. And did a bit of cooking and cleaning. And watched Italy beat England in European championship (yay!).
Tags: pharmacy tales, shoes, slaving away
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