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Gas update

Yesterday I saw mile-long gas lines, today I saw no lines at all. But I saw all six gas stations I drove by flash big "NO GAS" signs. I really hope it gets better by next Friday, or I will have to get very, very creative. With a perspective of spending a night in New Brunswick. I wouldn't worry too much if I only had this one job - first of all, I can work from home, secondly, there is a direct bus running from a couple blocks away from home to my work (bus stop is right by the driveway leading to the building), and finally, it is only 6 miles away. But on the 10th I have to drive all the way to New Brunswick, 50 miles away and back... and I will not have enough gas to make it both ways. So my strategy is going to be the same as it was when I watched the Hudson River rise around my building: hope and pray really hard that everything will work out.

On a side note, so many people who have no power are complaining that their homes are freezing. I have not turned the heat on in my apartment since April or so... Part of it might be that my building is more solid construction than many single-family homes, part of it is that corridors and neighbors may have heat on and that helps keep my place warmer than it would be, and part of it is that I am a lot more resistant to cold than most people around here. I am always the one wearing short sleeves when everyone else is wrapped up in sweaters... We really haven't had really cold weather yet.

I just hope that we don't have another nor'easter just yet, people need to deal with the damage from Sandy first...
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