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Finals time...

Just one left to go, medicinal chemistry. It even sounds sinister. Medissssinal (snake coiling) chemistRRRY (and jumping in your face)

I took a look at the amount of info I am supposed to know for tomorrow's exam, all well-forgotten since the beginning of the semester (I do remember the glucuronide conjugation, but that's about it) and started feeling sick. It is all essay and short answer, too. No life-saving multiple choice or matching...

I contemplated not coming to the exam. Well, if I get a big fat zero on the final, I won't pass. I have to answer at least one question correctly. And if I miss no more than five points, I will still manage an A, far-flung as it may seem... And I am already brain-dead, exhausted and sleep deprived. Can I go shoot myself now?
Tags: life sucks, school
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