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One more semester is over

Finally, I am halfway through what is said to be the hardest year of the pharmacy school.

- when I will get to do the end-of-semester reviews for my classes, I will write openly that it was a most desperately boring semester I have ever had to face and my brain would have screamed and died were it not for Spanish I took for my own pleasure at another college.
- now that the finals are over and I had enough sleep for several days, my inferiority complex disappeared again (until the next time it decides to surface at the worst possible moment). Seriously, people think I have nerves of steel and nothing can get to me, but I can drive myself nuts with being constantly dissatisfied with myself. I never quite got over the fact that I am not God.
- I have so much to do this break, but I don't know if I am going to find the energy and time to do all of it. I seem to be unable to do anything but play solitaire at home now. That should pass, though. This is just the rebound reaction from the finals.

Plans for the break:
- finally finish organizing my jewelry (I have done the clothes and the shoes already!)
- go through the papers and get everything prepared for taxes and financial aid application
- complete the applications for Astra-Zeneca internship
- look for other possible internships and complete applications
- finish the experiments so I can be published by March
- go through the school stuff and organize everything
- complete all the EPE forms for everything I have done this past semester
- volunteer at a couple blood drives
- finally see a doctor and ask for complete blood tests, because I have learned just enough this semester to be very afraid
- sleep a lot
- pamper myself
- actually practice the bellydancing routines at home, especially since I bought a CD
- try to eat when staying home all day
- try to cut down on chocolate (all the girls in my class were eating chocolate by the pound during the finals. We were studying in the library, and the pile of chocolate wrappers on the table grew much faster than the amount of knowledge in our heads.)
- finish putting together the KE roster
- write something
- read a few books
- make a Christmas cake
- make New Year's salads and pel'meni
- find a few gifts I haven't gotten yet
- buy something for myself - I don't know what, but I think I deserve a good gift this year
- practice my German and my Spanish before I forget everything
- go to the movies a lot
- go to the art museum to see the new expo before it is over
- Other things I am forgetting at the moment
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