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It would have been a very nice day if not for having to get up early (ahem) and my frozen feet.

I mean, 9:30 am is not that early, but not if you went to bed at 3 am after translating a German videoclip into Russian. I felt that if I tried to lift my head from the pillow it would fall off.

And my feet were frozen because I wore thin leather shoes instead of my boots. I knew I had to do a lot of walking and thus I didn't risk wearing the boots. I paid for that. As a result, I had to sit for at least ten minutes by a fireplace in a cafe to warm up sufficiently.

This is what my boots look like. I love them to death, but it's hard to spend several hours on my feet while wearing them. That's what they look like

I need to dig out my other boots. I have five pairs, but in one of them, zipper on the right boot is broken, the other pair, tall boots, have four inch heel as well, and the final two pairs are too old and on one of them the sole is starting to come off. Perhaps it's time to buy one more pair, nearly flat... I can't wear completely flat shoes - it pulls my leg muscles and makes me feel that I am walking like a duck, leaning from side to side. Bleh.
Tags: languages, shoes, slaving away, обувь
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