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Good times don't last, do they?

Tranmission in my mom's car died today.

For some reason, while I can get away with just about anything, my good luck alway hits those close to me with its other, uglier end. The world is paying the price of my ambition...

Stairway To Heaven

You take the Stairway to
stay down when you can go up? You, my ambitious
friend, are going places,
following your dreams. Good for you. Few people
chase their dreams anymore.
Never give that up. You are heading up in the
world, making a name for yourself,
even if it's just a small group who know it. You're
finding your way and are
heading straight for the top. You've got all the
qualities of a great leader and
are probably a very optimistic individual. Though
you can be a bit selfish at
times and have a tendency to step over people in
your way. You must watch that.
You could end up hurting the ones you love if you
put your own goals above them.
Never lose faith in that dream of yours, but make
sure you can keep those close
to you because in the end they'll be the ones to
get you through the tough
times. You have found your place and yourself, few
can do so well and still
struggle to find themselves. Don't let go of that
sense of self you have even in
times of confusion, it will help you pull through.
Be careful of your ego too,
you could lose your balances and once you're at the
top, it's a very long way
down. So be mindful of others, strive forward to
reach your dream, whatever it
may be, be true to yourself, and you keep going up.
Don't let anyone pull you

What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, indeed, I will always go after my goals. Even if I realize I don't like them anymore. I am a scary person, I really am.

Also, my brain refused to function today. Not only did I try to open the mailbox by pressing on a car opener's button, but I went against everything I have ever learned in Aseptic Technique. I poured the supernatant off the cell culture into a sink, and only then realized what I was doing. What's the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars on biosafety hoods when nothing can defeat human idiocy? I only hope that contamination didn't get in. Idiot me.

I wanted to do one of the year-end meme's floating around my friends' list, but I didn't feel like it after all. All too many questions I either can't or won't answer.
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