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Useful Knowledge...

My mom is getting worse. I suppose she has got a bacterial superinfection, as her cold has lasted longer than normal, and symptoms got worse after initial improvement. She will go see a doctor tomorrow. Her sickness is almost an exercise in clinical pharmacy for me. I have checked the dosages of codeine for antitussive effect, devised a four-drug regiment (checking the interactions) to manage her for now. We will see what the doctor tells her. And I really hope he does not just give her a script for Levaquin or maybe some older antibiotic (depends on doctor's age and how long ago a sales rep has visited him), one of a thousand Guafen/PSE formulations and one of million cough syrups. But I can bet that's what's going to happen.

Anyway, I saw National Treasure today. Cheesy dialogs, good visuals. Bad script, great Sean Bean. That just about sums it up. The only reason I watched it is because Sean Bean was in it. Even in that overfed unkempt state he was in the movie (presumably so he doesn't outshine Nicholas Cage, though local audiences don't know who Sean Bean is *eye roll here*) he still is handsome. And his voice is just swoonworthy.
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