Anna (hellga) wrote,


In the past, I used to buy half a chicken, already cut into parts and packaged. It fit my needs exactly. But I haven't seen those in the supermarket for a while... checked out the other supermarket too - and still no luck. Regular chicken whole is too big (and I would have to carve it myself and then freeze the remainder), and the packages are usually too big and contain all the same body parts... not what I need to make chicken broth. So I tried a Cornish hen. Never bought them before... It worked wonderfully. I just threw the whole chicken in the pot, it fit perfectly. About one and three quarter pounds. It also tasted better than the regular chicken, I think... so I think going forward I am going to make broth using Cornish hen. Maybe I will roast the bird one of these days too, it is a good size for two portions. And the broth from one hen makes four appetizer portions or three dinner portions. I am very glad I thought of this option.
Tags: food
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