Anna (hellga) wrote,

Black Friday 2014

Didn't really do anything too intense today... went to the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall. It was still so busy at 4pm when I got there... I thought if I come a few hours into the afternoon it will be easier to find parking, but there were still officers directing traffic. I didn't have to circle around too much before finding a spot, though...

Spent just over 4,5 hours there, including time to eat a quick dinner. In that time, I looked at literally hundreds of purses in a couple dozen stores, and didn't buy a single one. There was one I actually liked quite a bit - Rebecca Minkoff rose gold purse - but it had stupid zipper sides... I am not sure I really like the current popular style - with hard-sided, square purses... I don't mind it as long as the purse has main features I am looking for - a middle pocket and a secure closure on the top. So far, still looking... I only need a black or a brown one, I have all the bright colors.

On the other hand, it was a nice year for boots. Got three pairs, including one from Geox - I have been curious about that brand for a while, but never saw anything I really liked. Finally this year I did... so let's see how these boots wear. I will probably test them tomorrow, I am going to the opera and then some more shopping, and these boots are low-heeled and perfect for walking.

Other than the boots, I got some lingerie, a set of toy cars and a wallet to give as gifts, and a pair of simple diamond earrings that I liked.

I didn't really feel like clothes shopping, I have too much of that stuff already. Though I will spend a couple quality hours in Lord & Taylor tomorrow, so I might add to that anyway. I am also going to keep looking for gifts for my aunt and uncle. I am thinking a nice scarf for him and maybe a necklace for her...

Total spend: approximately $650. Not too bad given that I haven't really been shopping since January, only bought some jewelry since then, and a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers that I NEEDED because old ones fell apart...

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I had to work yesterday 2-10, so I made my turkey and all the trimmings on Wednesday. Turkey breast turned out beautifully, I just put a tad too much salt - I was worried about under-salting since I always put too little salt, so I salted it thrice for good measure... My experimental cranberry sauce with apple and pineapple was very nice, and even the gravy was pretty good. Only mashed potatoes were not as good as usual - I think white potatoes are just not as good as yellow ones for mashing... So I took all that to work with me yesterday and still had a nice turkey dinner, even if it was reheated in a microwave and scarfed down quickly, since I don't get a lunch break in the pharmacy. It was so dead, though, that I had time to eat, do a couple CEs and clean some shelves. Those were impressive dust bunnies, I must tell you... I have apple pie, too, though I did not bake it myself - got it from a nice bakery in town.
Tags: food, shopping
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