Anna (hellga) wrote,

The Good, The Nice and the Ugly

Saw "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" today. I can understand why some critic called it "pornophony". :) I am not the fan of the staging in this production at the Met - satire only works when you are clear about what you are satirizing, and here they mixed three very different things, old Russia of the original novella, the 1930s Russia of the opera creation and some 50s US... Basically, very incongruent. But the orchestra was great and everyone except the lead male, Sergei (Jovanovich) sang well, even though everyone except the Old Prisoner had rather bad diction in Russian (he was obviously native speaker).

And went shopping. Got gifts for my relatives in Russia, yay. And got four dresses for myself. Three of them long sleeved, since I really have only a couple long-sleeved office dresses, all but one summer, rather than winter.

This is the third time, and since this time I moved within the county, I don't think I am getting off the hook... Eh. Will have to let my boss know on Monday... Hopefully I am either not selected or it is a short trial if I am selected. What I really don't want is to be stuck for months on a jury...
Tags: culture, plans, shopping
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