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Mom is holding up OK... she scared me a bit last week, when she was really down, said that when going to the grocery store she starts worrying about affording fruit or other things she likes (it's not real, she knows she CAN afford any food she wants, but she just feels that way)... though it does not stop her buying plants for her garden and going to pedicures. I think it is really difficult for her to adjust to shopping for just one person when she has been shopping for at least two people for over thirty five years...

It's nice that everyone is helping keep her occupied in the evenings. Neighbors, friends, relatives... Today she went to dinner with a very interesting lady. When we first moved to the US, my Grandpa, who was 88, was assigned a social worker to help him adjust to living in a new country. Being very charming, despite language barrier (they communicated through an interpreter), Grandpa really became friends with her. And when she saw my Dad's obituary in the paper, she reached out to my Mom. I remember speaking with her in the past, but we have never met in person... so they spoke a couple times, and went to dinner today - her son lives literally a couple blocks away from my parents' house, and she was house-sitting while they are visiting family in Germany (her daughter-in-law is German). My Mom said she is a very sweet lady - a little older than my Mom, she just turned 70 - and they had a lot in common, so they are planning on staying in touch. That would be nice, it's not that easy to make new friends when you are 65...

Speaking of nice people, in the course of some interviews with patients, I heard a really fun guy. As he said, "Us old Navy guys don't just die" - I was thinking that people like him are why I went into healthcare in the first place...

I worked in the pharmacy again yesterday, and predictably it was fairly normal and quiet until 6:30, and then all hell let loose. Every other pharmacy in the area closes at 6, so everyone comes to us afterwards... had a couple "problems" but I guess I was still in the good mood, thanks to the ex-Navy guy, so instead of getting irritated I actually calmed everyone down and handled it quite well internally too.
Tags: family matters, nice people, pharmacy tales
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