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Health Update

My father is back home from the hospital. The biopsies came back - it is indeed colon cancer, but lymph nodes don't have metastases. However, due to the size and locally invasive character of the tumor, there is a possibility of spread through peritoneal cavity, so he will have to go through chemotherapy. We'll see...

I still haven't fallen asleep in class, not even once :)

I promised to bring cheesecake to my friends tomorrow, so I am going to bake it now... However, considering what kind of weather forecasters are predicting, I am not sure I will go to school tomorrow. My lab is Thursday, and lectures I don't care about, I can read the material on my own. I will see what it will be like. :)

Anybody feels like a slice of fresh cheesecake with whipped cream and cherries on the top? Too bad you aren't anywhere close :)
Tags: food, happiness exists, meme
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