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36 Things

SELF magazine published a list of "36 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do By The Time She Turns 30". Given that I have been over 30 for a couple years now, I thought I would go through the checklist. :)

1. Know your first aid basics, like how to treat a burn or disinfect a cut. - Hell yeah, and beyond basic too. :)
2. Cook an egg JUST the way you want it. - Sure. Granted, I like my eggs simple - either sunny-side up or soft-boiled.
3. Be the one to ask that hottie out on a date (rather than waiting and waiting and hoping they take a hint). - Um. Fail.
4. Choose the perfect bottle (or glass) of wine. - I think so.
5. Confront a friend without losing them forever. - I think so.
6. Negotiate a raise. - Another fail.
7. Sew on a fallen button, or restitch a seam. - I think I knew it before I turned 10, let alone 30...
8. Set up a budget and stick to it. - I haven't needed to, but I think I could do it... In fact, I decided to try tracking my expenses a couple weeks ago... and when I travel, I always come in under budget! :)
9. Be totally 100% OK with being single. - Totally. :)
10. Change a tire. - Oops. No. And I think it may stay a "No" for a long, long time.
11. Hammer a nail without causing mortal injury to yourself or others. - Another skill I had down pat by the age of 10 and even earlier than that...
12. Host an incredible event, whether it’s a brunch, book club, birthday, or something a little more raucous (bachelorette party comes to mind). - I only did it at work, never at home - would that count?
13. Know when to apologize…and when you don’t need to say “I’m sorry” at all. - I think so, but I am probably not the best judge of that.
14. Save and invest your money (a.ka. actually understanding how a 401(k) works, for starters). - Saving - yes, investing - not really. I rely on other people to tell me what to do in that regard...
15. Quit a job without burning a bridge. Not always easy, but always very important. - I think so.
16. Recognize when it’s PMS that’s causing your body and emotions to go haywire. - Thankfully, I never really experienced PMS. *knocks on wood*
17. Spot quality clothes that will last forever and know when it’s a knockoff that will be ruined after one wash. - I am not as good as my Mom at this, but I think I am pretty decent. I have quite a few items that I have owned and worn for years and years.
18. Determine when to trust someone with your secrets and when to keep quiet. - I am very good at keeping quiet, but I am a near total failure at trusting and sharing.
19. Know when the occasion calls for a business suit or a cocktail dress (because there’s nothing worse than being over-or under-dressed at the party). - Most of the time I am quite good at it, I think.
20. Get a passport and take a solo sabbatical. - Almost every year! :)
21. Network your way into an amazing new job. - Eh, I already have an amazing job. But if I needed a new one, I am not sure my networking skills are up to par.
22. Know how to handle yourself in an emergency without totally losing your sh*t. - If there is something I am better at than most people I know, this is it.
23. Say “no” in the most polite way possible. - Thanks to over a decade behind a pharmacy counter, I have plenty of experience doing just that... and it translates perfectly to other life situations.
24. Do a proper push-up like a BOSS. - No. But that's something I hope to correct this year! :)
25. Mix two classic cocktails. - Do Margaritas count? I can do those!
26. Write a hand-written letter or thank you note. - Yep, certainly.
27. Make a toast without using note cards. - I have been ad-libbing all my life. In fact, I hate note cards because they distract me more than help me.
28. Take care of your skin so that wrinkles are a non-factor. - So far so good... but it is probably my good genes rather than my mad cosmetics skillz.
29. Eat your salad with the appropriate fork at a formal dinner. - I can even set the table with appropriate utensils and glassware, not just use them.
30. Identify the negativity in your life, and leave it behind. - Working on it. I know the problems, but I am not yet perfect at eliminating them.
31. Be able to admit when you’re wrong, or if you don’t know what the hell is going on. - I haven't had a problem with that since my teenage years...
32. Find a mentor (preferably another kick*ss woman). - Not really... I used to have one, but then I switched jobs...
33. Apply eyeliner with ease. - Well, I am better at it now than ten years ago. Let's leave it at that. :)
34. Give yourself a pep-talk. - Sure, that's something I think I could do at the age of six...
35. Ask for help. - Whenever I need it. I am not shy that way.
36. And look in the mirror and see beauty in the body you were born with! - Again, I am better at it than I used to be. Not perfect, but I am on the right track.
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