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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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Task avoidance
Why am I avoiding reviewing quotes and making a choice for my garage renovation? I do actually want to do it (I didn't originally, but my Mom kept harping on me since I bought the place in March, and I decided it is worth doing since now it really is not good for anything other than parking my car... Is it my commitment-phobia acting up? At work, I have no issues soliciting and reviewing bids and making a choice... I have been doing it for almost 10 years, so why am I so uncomfortable even getting to that stage in my personal life?

On a more positive note, I decided that I really want to bake biscotti this weekend. Not eat, mind you, bake. So it was very hard to decide what flavor I want to try... I think it will be orange-almond-chocolate, though I want to use far less chocolate in the dough and instead make a spiced chocolate ganache to drizzle over them. I feel like experimenting! That's probably garage choice avoidance at work, really.

As far as garage, I need the floor ground down - it is rather uneven now - and epoxy coated, all the walls and ceiling patched up and painted, and old dingy shelves thrown out and replaced with nice new ones. Also I have a small staircase and door that need to be painted. My garage is complicated by a billion wires running through the place, and all the extra angles, and all the machines there - the furnace, the boiler... and the ceilings are 12 feet high, that's why I am not even considering doing the painting myself (and trying to do the floors myself would be just madness). What I might do eventually is some stencil art (or maybe even free-drawn art) on one of the walls - but that would be later... I went to Michael's yesterday for some parchment paper and that store is so inspirational! I ended up buying a huge autumn wreath for my front door, that wouldn't fit in the space between the door and the stormdoor, so I am going to try a makeshift system of hanging it on the stormdoor (I do have a bit of the overhand over the porch, so it shouldn't be getting wet, unless the rain comes directly from the southeast with a strong wind, that doesn't happen all that often).

Note to self: Rite-Aid actually carries the twine and the parchment paper, I need to check whether Walgreen's does.