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Summary & Plan of Action

Today was a good day, inspite of the fact that I had to get up at 6 am AGAIN
- I didn't do as well as I thought I did on med chem, but I argued a whole point out of Dr. Marky. Last semester I only managed half a point. I am making progress :) Once I crack a person's mind, I generally know how to deal with them... Also, he said that even though we were outbid for the dinner, he will still invite us :) So life is good.
- Had a peach margarita at the girls' night out today. Didn't notice peach in it, but at least it was good. Taco was OK - I am not a fan of Mexican food, but a lot of my friends are, so I just come along for the company. I would try fried ice cream today, but I was way too full to eat a desert. Next time I'll...
- Printed out cards that I photoshopped yesterday, so I can mail them out to my friends tomorrow

Yesterday I went looking for black shoes. Couldn't find ones I like and that would fit well. I've decided I can determine the country the shoe was made in (or made for) by just using my sense of touch. I mean, American shoes have weird deep heel. Do American women have different shaped heels? When I tried on shoes that had round toe, my feet would look stabby. When I would try on shoes with really lone pointy toe, I would look as if I were on skis. Shoes that look nice in size 6 on display don't always look as nice in size 9... So every shoe was either ugly, didn't fit well, or was made of low-quality materials that would make my feet sweat. I came home empty-handed, but it was still good... I tried on a couple shoes that I liked - the purple ones, and the pink ones, with heels of about 4 inches, and nice normal-pointy toe. Such a pity I don't have anything to wear purple shoes with.

Tuesday was also an excellent day.
- my blood results came up normal. That means that I need to continue taking my tablets, and will be taking another kind to treat the symptoms, but I don't need to poison myself with prednisone for the rest of my life, which is already as good as it gets.
- AstraZeneca called me back! I will be having a phone interview on February 28th. Please wish me luck. I am so excited... That will be the beginning of a beautiful career if it goes well.

- mail out the letters
- fill out Sharing Board application and stick in Adam's mailbox
- pick up tax return forms while at the Post Office
- lead the interviewing applicant around the college, then eat the free lunch (I've heard that will be Mexican... whatever, it's free food, and that works like magic for all students...)
- rest before work, then work full shift
- make cheesecake if I feel up to it

Plans for Saturday:
- go see that Renaissance to Rococo expo before it leaves town, I've been planning to go forever, but admission is free only on Saturdays, and tomorrow is the first free Saturday I will have had in a long, long time
- go to the dance performance in the evening
- perhaps go to a club and dance in the night, if I am not too tired
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