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If I won the Lottery

A meme (stolen, of course)

If I Won The Lottery...

The first thing I would do is... Blank out.

The first thing I would buy is... a big bottle of champagne to celebrate

Would I finish school/go back to school/stay at my job? Yes, I will graduate from UNMC COP in May 2007 even if the whole world is against it. Because that was my decision four years ago, and all my decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Where I would live... Well, there is a different amount one can win... five thousand dollars is good, but hardly life-changing. If I won megamillions, I would move to Austria or Switzerland.

The way I'd spend the rest of my life... I still want to work for a big pharmaceutical company. I would enjoy it. :)

I would be generous with my money...

To family... Yes, I would buy my parents a house in the country, with lots of land, like they want. I would by my aunt a car of her choice. And I would give good gifts to all other relatives, too.

To friends... Of course.

To strangers... If they deserve it.

To charities... Yes. I would fulfill the promises I have made to the Church and St. Anna many years ago too.

What I'd waste the most money on... I wouldn't. I never waste money, period. Though I would spend a lot on cosmetic procedures and jewelry. Some people might consider it wasteful...

Other stuff I'd do... Travel a lot, and finally be able not to worry so much.
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