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Exams, tea and meme

I feel better... I did OK on my exams, I had some rest. Today my friends from my class had a pizza and a movie night at my friend's apartment, and I am starting to feel like my brain is working again. I have been drinking gallons of tea to keep it fueled. Did you know well-brewed dark tea has as much caffeine as equivalent amount of coffee, plus theophylline (used as asthma medication, it's a compound similar to caffeine, but less stimulating to the brain, with more effect on airways and heart)?

1. Been kissed: Yes.

2. Eaten sushi: No. I've read far too many parasitology books to do something like that.

3. Gotten hyper: No.

4. Been dumped: No.

5. Eaten an entire pizza by yourself: No. I don't like it that much. Even when I buy a small pizza because hospital cafeteria doesn't have anything else that would look mildly edible, I eat the sides and leave the center untouched.

6. Been a rebel: Just a bit, when I was in a summer camp when I was 12. I normally side with authority, because I prefer being obeyed when I am authority, and therefore it is only fair that I obey when I should.

8. Ever been pulled over: No.

8b. Gotten in a car accident: More times than most people I know.

9. Ever liked someone older: I prefer people who are older than me

10. Seen the white house: the one in Russia :p

11. Hiked a mountain: Yes

12. Stayed home on a Saturday/Friday night just for the fun of it: Yes. I like it, in fact.

13. Been in love: No.

14. Made home made cookies (from scratch): Yes. I only make stuff from scratch, except the cheesecake crust, which I buy ready made.

15. Cold or hot: doesn't matter

16. lace or satin: depends for what

17. New or old: depends for what

18. Roses or daises: Roses. Dark dark red roses.

19. Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: vanilla

20. Winter or fall: Fall

21. Science or history: history. Yeah, I know I am a scientist. It was a rational choice, but I really prefer history.

22. Do you like someone right now: depends in which sense

23. Do you have a secret crush: No.


24. What do you like in boys: Intelligence, sense of humor, and nice voice are a requirement. Grey eyes a plus.

25. In shape & muscular or not: in shape, but don't overdo it

26. Do you want a guy to ask your dad before he asks you out: I would most definitely hate it.

27. Do you want your b/f to get you chocolate or jewelry: depends


28. What do you like in girls:

29. Athletic or not:

30. Hard to get or easy:

31. Who do you want to kiss right now:


32. Who is your funniest friend: all of them are

33. Who do you email the most: I don't like e-mailing, but I have to do it


37. Had a serious talk: No. I hate serious talks.

38. Hugged someone: Leo (my friend's cat)

39. Got along with your parents: I always get along with my parents.

40. Got along with your siblings: I don't have siblings.

41. Fought with a friend: I have never fought with a friend in my entire life.

42. Been depressed: No. Burnt out, yes.

43. Walk in the Rain: No. No precipitation for the last several weeks.

44. Given hugs: No.

Other Questions

45. Ever had that falling dream: No.

46. What turns you on?: depends

47. What turns you off: a lot of things

48. What do you dream about?: a lot of things

49. Who is your favorite cartoon character?: when was the last time I watched cartoons? Ten years ago?

50. Do your parents ever make you mad: Sometimes.

51. What is your favorite saying?: Don't have any.

52. Do you want to get this back from everyone see this on your friends page?: I really couldn't care less.

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