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Interview coming up... And a short survey.

I need to calm down before interviewing for the Sharing Board. Entire board will interview me tonight. Eep. Also, I have three exams and a case study due this week. Double eep.

First job: customer care rep for VoiceStream Wireless
First screen name: don't remember. I got to Hellga very fast, but I don't think it was the first one
First funeral: my paternal grandmother's
First pet: hamster named Ryzhik
First piercing: in my ear lobes; I don't have any others
First tattoo: None
First credit card: Citibank Visa
First kiss: don't remember
First enemy: don't remember. In fact, I don't remember having enemies.

Last car ride: home from the uni today
Last kiss: a couple weeks ago
Last movie watched: My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Sunday (the only reason I remember is because it was yesterday)
Last beverage drank: tea or apfelschorle, I don't remember
Last food consumed: possibly, fish. Again, I don't remember for sure.
Last phone call: Now that I definitely don't remember. I think, to my friend on Saturday.
Last website visited: forum

Single or taken: Single. And not looking.
Gender: female
Birthday: June 28th
Sign: Cancer. Fear me.
Siblings: None, thank you.
Hair color: reddish-brown.
Eye color: brown
Shoe size: 9 US, 39 European
Height: 176 cm or about 5'9.5"
Wearing: a purple bathrobe
Drinking: not at the moment
Thinking about: how I really, really don't want to study pharmacology today
Listening to: not listening, but I can't help but overhear the TV in the living room

Tags: meme, school

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