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Done! And thus, a meme.

I've done my federal and state taxes, and my FAFSA today, and cleaned out my desk.  All that in under three hours, with the bulk of time going into putting all papers off my desk into appropriate folders.

Have you ever...
1. Fallen for your best friend –
No, as all of them happened to be female
2. Made out with JUST a friend – No, as I prefer to keep friends separate from people to make out with
3. Been in love – No, being picky as I am
4. Used someone – Yes
5. Been used – Perhaps.  I doubt I would notice, to be completely honest.
6. Done something you regret - No, because I don't believe in regrets.  Everything I have done made me who I am, and I am grateful.

Last person...
1. You cried to –
I cry alone when I do, and that hasn't happened for a very long while.
2. You talked to – my father just a minute ago.
3. You hugged - don't remember, honestly
4. You instant messaged - I don't IM
5. You yelled at – I don't yell
6. You laughed with – my friends this morning
7. You had a crush on – I don't do crushes
8. Who broke your heart – as far as I am aware, it's still intact

Do you...
1. Color your hair –
rarely, only to keep my winter color somewhat closer to my summer color
2. Have tattoos – no
3. Have piercings – one in each earlobe
4. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both - no
5. Floss daily – I try to
6. Own a webcam – no
7. Ever get off the damn computer – of course
8. Sprechen sie deutsche - Ja, ich spreche ein bißchen Deutsch.
9. Habla espanol – Sí, hablo un poco de español.

Have you/do you have...
1. Considered a life of crime –
white collar crime has its appeal, but clean hands can do just as much.
2. Considered being a hooker – no, too hard a job for too little money.
3. Considered being a pimp – see above.
4. Split personalities – Not that I am aware of.
5. Panic – No

6. Anxiety – No
7. Depressed – No.
8. Suicidal – No.
9. Obsessed with hate – No.
10. If you could be anywhere, where would you be – at the moment - someplace warm, lazy and with no people around.
11. What are you listening to – humming of my laptop
12. Can you do anything freakish with your body – No, I value it too much for that.
13. Chicken or fish – Both.
14. Do you have a favorite animal – I love cats, from housecat to tiger, alligators, rodents, lizards, wolves - but cats in all their multitue are my favorites.

1. Clothes –
green T-shirt and black skirt.
2. Mood – satisfied and lazy.
3. Taste – honey-lemon cough drop.
4. Hair – straight, reddish-brown and long.
#5 was MIA before I got my handses on this meme
6. Smell – nothing
7. Thing I ought to be doing – I've done everything I planned for today. 

(movie villain voice) Fear me, love me, admire me.

8. Desktop Picture – standard blue HP background.
9. Favorite Group – I don't do favorites
10. Book – See above.
11. Worry – At the moment, none.  Envy me.

1. Drink –
Tea, nice, hot and very strong, without additives
2. Color(s) – reds, blues, white, black.
3. Shoes – a lot of them.  However, I found by experience that I tend to love expensive ones.
4. Candy – chocolate, dark and bitter.
5. TV Show – I don't watch TV.
6. Movie – Again, I don't do favorites.
7. Dance – the ones I can dance.

Are you...
1. Understanding –
Yes.  Even my patients say that I sound like a person who cares.
2. Open-minded – No, and I don't even try to pretend to be.
3. Insecure – No.
4. Interesting - I hope so.  Judging that people like to listen to my stories a lot of time, I hope I am.
5. Hungry – Not sure, therefore I will assume I am not.
6. Friendly – when I feel like it.
7. Smart – Yes.
8. Moody – Sometimes, depends on whether things are going the way I want.
9. Childish – No.
10. Independent – Yes, though sometimes I wish I could just let someone take care of me and not have to deal with all things like taxes and mechanics and car insurance and so on.
11. Hard working – If that's a project I enjoy, or if it's a challenge, or if I really have a lot at stakes, or I am being paid well, but otherwise no.
12. Organized – I try to be, but not always succeed.  I used to be better at that.
13. Healthy - Reasonably so.
14. Emotionally stable – Very.
15. Shy –  Rarely.  I used to be shy, but life took care of that nicely.
16. Difficult – when I feel like it.
17. Attractive - when I take care to be attractive.  Which means, besides making myself look nice (which I do every morning), putting my nicest personality on, which is often too much work for too little potential gain.  And you wondered why I am single...
18. Bored easily – I really don't know.  My personal definitions of "boring" seem to be different from those of general population.
19. Thirsty – No.
20. Responsible – Yes, I have to be, but often I hate that because it forces me to do things I hate to do.
21. Sad – Very rarely.
22. Happy – Mostly.
23. Trusting – No.  I can trust some people with some information, but there is nobody I could trust with all of it. 
24. Talkative – Sometimes.  I have two extremes - talkig non-stop, or not at all, depending on my mood.
25. Unique - Aren't all humans?
26. Needy – No.

Who do you want to...
1. Kill –
I don't.
2. Slap – I don't
3. Look like – improved version of me.
4. Be like – I am very glad to be me, thank you very much.
5. Talk to offline – I am not sure.  I think I am OK for now.

On friends...
1. Best Friend(s) –
they know who they are
2. Friend(s) you go to for advice - I very rarely go to anyone for advice, but if I do need advice, I will ask the person who knows the best about whatever I need advice about.
3. Friend(s) you have the most fun with – All of them, that's why they are my friends.
4. Friend(s) you've dreamt about – I virtually never dream of people I know if real life, only random strangers.
5. Friend(s) you tell secrets to - I don't.  But Natasha is the one I can trust things I wouldn't tell anyone else.

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