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Aprill Fool's Day

It was rather uneventful, but thought-provoking. For a change, my randomness is in chronological order, with each short paragraph hidded by its own cut.

It's such a pleasure to sleep as much as I want... Today, we didn't have class (thanks to scheduling conflict for one professor and us convincing the other professor that we don't need a review session), so I didn't join the world of living until 11 am. I would sleep longer, but my alarm sounded. I love my alarm clock - tiny box of white plastic, filled with electronics, that fits in a palm of my hand. It's so convenient to take with me when I travel - I can even put it in my purse. If I am in a place that doesn't have a bedstand, it doesn't create discomfort when I put it next to the pilllow. And most importantly, it makes very gentle beeping noise. Not like some of those crazy alarm clocks that ring like a thousand phones, or wail like tornado sirens - those make my knees shake for ten minutes after I get up.

I wish I had time to do it every day - a long exercise routine, a long nice facial, and a long, feel-good bath. Then I really would look the way I want, instead of the way I do (which today is actually quite satisfactory). It's such a pleasure to steam, and soak, and apply homemade masks... Perhaps, I should rethink my priorities and devote more time to taking care of my body, than entertaining my emotions...

At least, I am trying to be nice to my body every day, I only use high-quality (albeight expensive) cosmetics. Just yesterday, I went to buy new lipstick, and was saddened by the fact that Estee Lauder revamped their lipstick line and no longer make my favorite Copper Kisses. I picked Passionate Plum, a very close color (it's more pink and less orange kind of brown, compared to my old one). Tried it today - it seems to be working.

The idiots, the idiots are coming! Coming to the pharmacy near you. I was not in my best mood at work today for variety of reasons, but the last straws was a pair of morons that descended onto my pharmacy counter. I tried to explain to them how to get a rebate in addition to the coupon they gave me for OTC Tagamet, yet they DID NOT GET IT. Grrr. Note to Self: Never try to help someone save money who is to stupid do get it. I just stopped trying and sent them on their way but my mood was spoiled. And the woman was constantly calling me "hun" or "honey". I resent being referred to in such a familiar fashion by someone I wouldn't let wash my driveway, let alone something else. Call me a snobbish bitch, but I resent the notion that these people have anything in common with me. And they were dressed so horribly... Perhaps, one of the reasons I work in the pharmacy situtated in the neighbourhood with all the doctors, lawyers and local TV personalities is because I believe some people belong in a zoo, not on the streets. The only good thing is, I realized that there are far older and fouler things than Orcs down there, meaning, far worse people than Mike down here. Perhaps, I should apologize to him for my quite low opinion of him, but I doubt he will understand me (let alone, understand me correctly).

Specifically, the post-Easter, 75% off sales. I have more chocolate in my house than ever before, and a lot of the time, my daily food intake is one real meal + lots of chocolate. Scary. But how can one resist buying chocolate eggs when they are just 6 cents apiece? Eeeevil.

Now, considering that ESPN2 decided to be nice and show whole whopping THREE Champion's League matches next week, including the Superderby, I need to start studying therapeutics this Sunday if I have any hope of watching the matches during the week (still not live, since I will be in school when they are played).
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