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What does your face say about you?

Fun :)

I've tried several of my fotos. My appearance has been described as a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Southern European. :D I would love to know why I can't see anything Anglo-Saxon in the mirror (and that's strange by itself, because my mom looks very Northern German, and I've seen plenty of my father's almost-twins in München).

My archetype has been described as Beta Academic every time. Poor cowardly Hellga... I am quite sure I am intelligent enough for Alpha Academic, but I'm too lazy and too cowardly to fulfill the other requirements for the archetype.

Anyway, it was pretty accurate for me, somewhat accurate for my father, and not really accurate for my mom. Enjoy.

I've been posting quite a bit lately, and a lot of the posts are meaningful, rather than memes. I am getting too open, sincere, and honest. Must be a side effect of getting american citizenship. Must escape soon. :D
Tags: meme, philosophical, speaking of myself
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