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A Day in Life of a PPC Agent

Written by Hellga from her Nice Twin's words.

5:30 In the dark and stuffy room, Agent Lambda woke up after hitting her elbow on something hard. She blinked, getting used to the faint light coming from a window above, and reached for her clock. She blinked again and squinted harder, hoping she is wrong. "5:30? I am not a FIELD agent" she mumbled semi-coherently." She tried to curl up more comfortably and cringed. Just about every muscle in her body ached, and her bed seemed to have changed shape overnight. She cursed and turned on light. "Oh sweet merciful Eru!" She saw that she fell asleep in her office chair again. She stood up and limped to the file cabinet marked "Top Secret. DO NOT OPEN" and got a large fluffy pillow out of it. Kicking random object from under the desk, she lay down on the carpeted floor and soon fell asleep again. Sleep-deprived agents are hardly at risk for insomnia in ANY conditions.

8:30 Lambda dreamed that a large Elf-eating plant was strangling her and jolted up, hitting her head on the desk. Hissing, she started crawling from under the desk, and suddenly saw a green leafy branch crawling to her and screamed at the top of her lungs. "Stop, you foolish girl," sounded in her head, and poor agent realized taht was merely The Poison Ivy checking on her. Lambda got up, her knees shaking, and went into the bathroom. She tried to breathe "the right way" to decrease her pulse to something approximating normal and stop blood pounding at her temples.

To be continued
Tags: fanfic
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