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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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The year continues to suck
It looks like the world is after our blood. Seriously, since January 1, 2005:
- my father has been diagnosed with colon cancer, had a surgery and will have another one later this month
- my mom had problems with teeth and her leg (she had a knee surgery a few years ago) is starting to hurt again, her surgeon said she might need a knee replacement in the next few years
- my aunt had a stroke
- my aunt's husband just had a heart attack yesterday
- his sister is in intensive care and no one knows why as of yet, she went in a couple days ago
- my uncle is the hospital with heavy pneumonia, hooked on to ventilator and a ton of tubes as we speak
- my great-aunt has heart problems and has been in her small village hospital for two weeks, she will be transferred to a big city, because they don't have the means to diagnose and care for her properly

I myself had strange blood tests, but it looks like the tablets I am taking are helping. I just need to call and schedule my liver function tests to make sure I am not getting side effects of the meds, and then I will be fine.

So, what's going on?

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I'm so sorry this has been such a crappy year so far for you and your family.


*huge hugs*

It would be high time that things start to look better for you and your family!!! :o\


I'm sorry to hear it's all doing so bad, I hope things'll get better for you soon. As to what's going on, I'd make some sort of funny comment to lighten your mood, but it might hit the wrong spot. Mrrr.

I'm so sorry Hellga, it sucks when these things happen especially when they all happen at once.

*sends lots of hugs and good thoughts to your family*

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