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Went to the Opera today - they brought Turandot to us this weekend, and they will be brining La Traviata in a month. Set and costume design was OK, but nowhere near what we have in Russia. However, the voices were very good, especially in the two leading roles.

Now, on to study some more, but first,

1) Would you eat a severed human foot if someone paid you $50,000 US?
For fifty thousand - no. For fifty million - yes.

2) Do you find the sound of crickets soothing?

3) Do you pick scabs?
Yes, but I am trying to get rid of this nasty and unhealthy habit. Thankfully, I rarely have scabs to pick.

4) If you found a human baby and a kitten starving in the street, who would you feed first if there was no one else around?
I probably wouldn't. I don't carry food around with me. I would just call the authorities to come and pick them up. Though I a kitten I might take home with me...

5) Has higher math always struck you as pointless?
What do you mean? I loved calculus, but discrete math and all that are not my cup of tea.

6) Can you ice skate?
Of course. Race you?

7) Do you think you will live to turn 80?
Probably not. At least, I am not planning on it.

8) What is your favorite historical period?
Alternatively, late 18th century and early 20th.

9) Do you believe in a supreme being?

10) Do you believe the rich have a responsibility to bear greater financial burdens in society than the poor or middle class?
No. I mean, tax should be the same percentage of income - it will still be that the rich pay more, but don't increase taxes for those who make more money, it takes all the incentive away from being hardworking. Besides, the poor are almost universally poor because they are too lazy or too stupid and make all the wrong choices, such as having five children when they could barely afford one.

11) If the world were a true meritocracy, would you have progressed as far as you have today or farther?
I don't know. If it was just on talent, further. If the laziness was factored in, probably I would have died already. Or maybe not. I don't know, I love this world just the way it is.

12) Did the dingo really eat the baby?
Do I care?

13) To which do you give precedence when classifying yourself: race, gender, religion, or nationality?
Nationality. Russian.

14) Do you dream in color?

15) Are you primarily diurnal or nocturnal?
Depends on whether I am living the way I want or the way I need. I am in-between, my brain functions best between noon and 2 am.

16) Do you speak any language fluently besides your native tongue?
English. German and Spanish are getting there.

17) If you had the power to create a heaven and select one deceased person worthy of going there, whom would you choose?
I probably wouldn't. Because I believe that all the dead are there together, and how could I take one person, however worthy, and separate him or her from everyeone who loves them and who they love?

18) Is OJ guilty?
Who cares?

19) Would you have sex for money?
Only for very large sum of money. Which I probably don't deserve.

20) Can you play a musical instrument?
No. I hated having to practice every day and quit piano quite early on.

21) Have you ever purposefully starved yourself?
No, but often I don't eat because I am too lazy to go and eat. I don't think I have ever gone more than 24 hour completely without food or snacks.

22) Are you afraid of the ocean?
I've never seen the ocean, except from the airplane.

23) Do you root for the underdog?
Rarely. I prefer to side with the winner.

24) Do you consider most professional sports to have a deeply homoerotic undertone?
No. I think that people should take things the way they are and not try to dig too deeply into the undertones, because it's just plain stupid. Although at times it's so stupid, it's entertaining.

25) Do you frequently suspect others of having an ulterior motive?
Sometimes. Largely, I don't care.

26) Do you laugh out loud when you're alone?
Yes, if I am reading/listening to something funny, or if I am simply happy.

27) Do you know how to ride a horse?

28) Have you ever bitten anyone with the intention to harm them?
Yes, but I was little then, maybe four at most.

29) Do you believe love must always entail sacrifice?
No. I believe it should be mutually enjoyable (emphasis on mutually).

30) Would you enter a burning building to retrieve an inanimate object?
Yes. Depending on the severity of the fire, though. I've learned that there are no irreplaceable things.

31) If you wanted to have children, would you rather adopt or grow your own?
I don't want to have children, but I might consider having one later on, if I have a good reason to. But only my own, I would never adopt. Unless I would adopt an adult to inherit my worldly posessions, but it's not necessary nowadays.

32) Is your Ebay feedback rating a source of pride to you?
I don't deal with Ebay, either buying or selling.

33) Do like to play dress-up?
Sure. Especially if expensive jewelry is included.

34) Do you support euthanasia for the terminally ill?
Yes. Strongly.

35) Have you ever had a panic attack?

36) Ever get the feeling you're being cheated?
Sometimes, but generally I consider that option in advance, and either prevent it, or decide I don't really care and ignore it when it happens.

37) Do you have some awful secret you would rather die than have anyone find out about?
There are things about me that I wouldn't want people to know, but I am very good at keeping secrets. And many things I can take care of. And if someone finds out, I will either find a way to silence them, or make them a laughingstock, so even if they try to say anything, no one will believe them.

38) Was Feodor Kuzmich really Alexander in disguise?
I doubt it, but it's a possibility. Fascinating story, really.

39) Do you dislike public transportation?
I miss it. I wish I didn't have to spend so much time behind the wheel every day.

40) Is there anything you regret?
Nah, not really.

Through this meme, I've learned that "Whatever, I don't care." is actually a very useful attitude to have... Saves a lot of time, energy and nerve cells.
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