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Healthcare all around me

My dad had his second surgery today, and is recovering. He is in pain (as anyone would be with the belly sliced up), but otherwise doing fine as far as vitals go and so on.

I am done with my classes for this semester, I just have four exams:
- Pharmacology tomorrow morning (and that was the last semester of pharmacology, the most dreadfully boring class ever)
- Pharmaceutical Sciences Monday morning (that was third and last semester of pharm sci. I shall miss the equations and knowing that I am getting an A in at least one class...)
- Medicinal Chemistry Tuesday (also the last semester of med chem, which I won't miss)
- Pharmacotherapeutics on Wednesday afternoon is the last exam. That's just the first semester of therapeutics, I will have two more to survive...

I shall go eat dinner now, and then start studying.
Tags: family matters, health, school

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