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Thoughts on finals

What's the purpose of memorizing the minute details that none of us is going to be able to recall anyways, because we don't use them, and won't need them in the future anyways? When reading the text, I can explain the phenomenons. My presentations of clinical cases are very good. Yet how can I memorize all the random details, which I will always be able to look up in the real world? And with us, professors know that we KNOW that real world is like, we all work in our chosen field. The more intelligent ones (read, the clinical faculty, those who are themselves pharmacists) realize that. Those that are scientists (read, Ph.D. whose intrinsic value is far less obvious in many cases) don't always understand that. Unfortunately. I hate being reduced to a cross of trained monkey and a computer.

Off to memorize more stuff now.

My dad is doing better. He walked around a bit, with the aid of a walker and under supervision of physical therapist. He is still on a ton of drugs, though, and they hooked him up to oxygen because his oxygen saturation dropped during the night.

And finally, Happy Easter for those of you who are Orthodox! Hristos voskrese!
Tags: family matters, health, losers, school
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