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Musings on Memes

Yes, for a change, I am going to ramble about memes instead of doing them.

Memes spread around LiveJournal like a plague, jumping from one Friends' page to another. Lately I have noticed, however, that I am not doing them all that much. Generally, the reasons are:
- they all ask the same things, and that gets boring after a while
- a lot of the time I have no idea how to answer (either because I really don't know, or because I don't want to share the information)
- if it's a quiz-type meme, I am often not very happy with the results and thus decide not to post them

It's a pity, really. It used to be a good way to clear up my mind during the study breaks. Now all I have is the three different solitaires that came with this laptop and a few on-line games.

I shall now go and subject more brain cells to painful death of being overfilled with junk info.
Tags: philosophical, speaking of myself
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