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Memes from March 2004

Part 1
x. name: Hellga. Or Anna, if you insist.
x. birthplace: Yekaterinburg, Russia
x. birthday: June 28, 1983
x. grade: P-1 in the UNMC pharmacy school
x. piercings: one in each ear
x. tattoos: none
x. height: 176.5 cm (5'9.5")
x. shoe size: 9
x. siblings: nope

x. movie you rented: can't remember. I think Pirates of teh Caribbean in January
x. movie you bought: The Two Towers Extended Edition DVd
x. song you listened to: Veter s Severa (Northern Wind) by Tehm
x. song you had stuck in your head: none
x. song you've downloaded: has been a while
x. person you've called: some insurance company I called while at work
x. person that called you: a friend
x. person you talked to online: I only post, I don't chat/message
x. time you dyed your hair: January, I think
x. tv show you've watched: this morning's local news
x. person you were thinking of: my cousin

x. you have a bf or gf: no
x. you have a crush on someone: no
x. you think about suicide: never
x. others find you attractive: I hope
x. you know more than one language: Russian, English, German, some Latin, some Quenya, some Sindarin
x. you want more piercings: not while alive
x. you drink: of course
x. you steal: never
x. you do drugs: as in make - extemporaneous prescription compounding, baby!
x. you like cleaning: no
x. you write in cursive or print: pretty and very legible cursive, in several alphabets

x. fav food: fruit. Currently oranges. And cheese. And fresh-baked bread.
x. color: red, light blue, black, white
x. number: none. Let's say 2
x. song: none
x. pop: Pepsi Twist
x. movies: Gone with the Wind
x. bands/singers: none, something rock, probably
x. holiday: New Year

Part 2

Spell your first name backwards: Anna. A palindrome :) Or Aglleh
Are you a gay: no
Where do you live: with Mom and Dad
Jewelry worn daily: a pair of earrings from my massive collection, often my silver necklace, a watch, sometimes a ring
Blanket: depends on the time of the year. Now wool.
Underwear: comfortable variety
Shoes: nice-looking, well-polished and expensive variety
Handbag: of many sizes and colors
Favorite top: these classic american shirts with short sleeves and buttons of which top three are almost never used
CD in stereo right now: Brat-2 saundtrack
What you are wearing now: a red bathrobe and white socks
Hair: below shoulders, reddish-brown, in a low ponytail
Some of your favorite movies: LotR, PotC, Gone with the Wind, Moscow doesn't believe in tears, Destiny's Irony, many other Russian movies
What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to: back to Yekaterinburg, Vienna, Berlin, Chicago, anywhere in New Jersey

Part 3

Siblings: none
Parents married/divorced: married
Who are your closest friends: have been my closest friends for 18 and 9 years respectively
Who makes you laugh the most? myself
Who knows the most about you? me.

Do you have a job: one of the smiling people in white coats, aka Walgreen's slave aka pharmacist intern
What are you scared of: going blind and people who try to make me eat Twizzlers
Who's your role model: none.
Most interesting thing you've done this summer: traveled to Germany and Austria
What store do you shop at the most: Walgreen's (15% employee discount :p)
Have you ever done any drugs: Nope
Do you collect anything: jewelry
Day of the week: Wednesday and Sunday
Things in your room: I have two - a bedroom and an office. Both are full of stuff.
Cousins: Sashka
Ice Cream: Raspberry
Drink: Tea. Hot black tea freshly brewed from large-cut leaves
Thing to do: sleeping, reading, doing what I want (as opposed to what I have to do)
Favorite pizza topping: cheese
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: employed by a large and evil pharmaceutical corporation
Dream house: a villa in the Austrian Alps
What age do you want to get married: around 30
How many kids do you want: none, thank you
Girl's names: Anna, Elisa, Irina
Boy's names: strong-sounding names like Alexander, etc.

Been in love? no
Lied? yes, but 12 years ago I promised that I won't anymore, and learned to play with truth instead
Cheated on a test? yes
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
Tied your shoes together? no

1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: hands, voice, smile
What do you look for in the opposite sex: intelligence, sense of humour, strong character, inner drive, good manners (people older than 5 who can't hold fork correctly should be starved until they learn to use the utensil correctly)

What do you wear to bed: a nightie or nothing - depends on season
the last thing you do before you fall asleep: think
Would you rather be hot or cold: cold
What is your curfew: don't have one

What is the best quality of a friend: wisdom
What friend do you have the most fun with: all of them
Name your friends: many

What are you addicted to? tea, sunflower seeds, Internet. I beat the menthol Lifesavers addiction a couple years ago.
Do you like jewelry? more than almost anything or anyone else
Do you believe in God? Yes.
what color tooth brush do you use? green and white

Part 4

i am: a displaced Crazy Russian
i hear: my parents returning from shopping trip
i regret: nothing
i love: life
i dance: when I can
i sing: rarely - I am a remarkably bad singer
i cry: extremely rarely

{{yes or no..}}

you keep a diary: no
you like to cook: no
you believe in love: no

the weirdest person you know: every person is equally weird, though in a different way
the loudest person you know: Mike or Jackie
the sexiest person you know: in person or otherwise?

{{do you..}}

have any crushes: no
want to get married: not sure
get motion sickness: a lot
like thunderstorms: yes


number: none really
color: see above
month: July
food: simple
season: summer


chocolate milk or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
milk, dark, white chocolate: dark

{{in the last 24 hours have you..}}

cried: No
helped someone: no, unless answering questions counts
bought something: no, unless refueling my car counts
gotten sick: no
gone to the movies: no
gone out for dinner: no
written a real letter: no
talked to an ex: no
missed an ex: no
written in a journal: that's what I am doing

Middle-earth themed, of course :)

You in the First Age of Middle Earth by Hellga
Lust object
Dwelling placeDorthonion
Manner of DeathDied of unrequited love
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

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