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Memes from August 2004

What kind of villian would you be?
LJ Username
Favorite color
Do you root for good, or for awesome?
Your trusted second in command aquila1nz
Your arch nemesis, aka; agent_ginger
Evil appearance You're not wearing much... Oh. You're one of THOSE villians... *cough* Need I say more?
What you;ve done so far By now you have ammassed a great army, all of which are fierce, and powerful. Soon it will begin...
Your evil powers/skills You've got that seduction thing down pat.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 94%
This cool quiz by tea_chan - Taken 16573 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

1 . Full name: Anna
2 . Age: 21, though I look anywhere between 17 and 25 depending on makeup and my mood :)
3 . Birthday: June 28, 1983
4 . Location: currently Omaha, NE
5 . Parents names: Vidariy and Vera
6 . Siblings names: None
7 . Pets names: Don't have pets now. The ones I had were named Kesha (both parakeets) and Ryzhik (both hamsters)
8 . Describe your appearance: tall (5'10"), medium built, slim, dark reddish brown very straight hair, brown eyes, glasses, Slavic cheekbones.

9 . Most annoying person you know: Mike
10 . Most annoying celebrity: all the dumb ones (which covers vast majority of them)
11 . Most annoying TV character: Don't watch TV
12 . Most annoying movie character: Everything Harrison Ford played.
13 . Most annoying song: whatever teen pop crap is on the radio
14 . Most annoying radio DJ: Aren't they all?
15 . Most annoying sound: dripping water
16 . Most annoying thing people do: ask stupid questions

~The booze q's~
33 . Last time you drank but didn't get drunk: Today
34 . Last time you drank and got totally wasted: Never, I inherited my father's incredible head
35 . Have you ever puked from drinking too much: Never. Though I get nausea easily, I never got it from alcohol.
36 . Have you ever passed out from drinking too much: Not exactly, since I always found enough strength to drag myself to a bed.
37 . Does your personality totally change when you're drunk: I start falling asleep when really drunk. When I just had a little, I become more relaxed.
38 . Have you ever gotten drunk and hooked up with someone: No, I wasn't THAT drunk when the guy who bought me a drink was hitting on me. He wasn't handsome enough.
39 . Have you ever done something when drunk that got you in a lot of trouble: No. Embarassing things, yes, but not something that could cause me trouble.
40 . Have your parents ever seen you drunk: Yes.

57 . Scariest dream you ever had: I've never had a nightmare
58 . Weirdest dream you ever had: Just about every singe one of them
59 . Funniest dream you ever had: I don't know
61 . Have you ever had "the falling dream": No
62 . Have you ever had "the naked dream": No
63 . Have you ever had a perverted dream: Yes.
64 . Have you ever had a recurring dream: A couple times. Which is sad, since many of my dreams I would love to see again (but especially continued).

~What's your opinion on~
73 . Abortion: Should be available to any woman that wants it
74 . Death penalty: Yes, of course.
75 . "Reality" TV shows: Don't care.
76 . Boy bands: Don't care
77 . Britney Spears: Don't care
78 . Napster: pity
79 . Eminem: Don't care.
80 . Movie nudity: Yes, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing...

~Have/Would your parents let you~
81 . Get something pierced other than your ears: I don't know. Probably yes, but I don't WANT any other piercings.
82 . Get a tattoo: I don't know. I don't want any.
83 . Dye your hair an unnatural color: probably yes, but I doubt I will ever do you - pharmacists are the most trusted professionals, and shouldn't have green hair.
84 . Stay home from school if you didn't feel good even if you looked okay and didn't think you were gonna puke: Probably not, but I would never let myself stay home. Especially not now - I do like my classes and my classmates, and besides, I will have to retake all exams, and in harder versions, if I miss them.
85 . Eat whatever you want, whenever you want: Yes, because that's about the only way to get some food into me. I am not big on eating.
86 . Be in charge of the house for a weekend: I am house-sitting for two weeks.
87 . Go out and get drunk, as long as you didn't drive: Yes, because they know I will still be in control. Because I never want to get drunk, I simply want to drink in a good company and have fun. I never drink more than I can handle.
88 . Use swear words in the house: Yes. We all swear when very angry. Especially my mom is big on swearing... My dad stometimes tells jokes with swearwords in them. I try to keep my speech cultured, but occasionally I can't put five words together without four of them being swear words.

~What did you do for your last~
89 . Birthday: Went to an Italian restaurant. Tiramisu (when made properly) rules.
90 . Christmas: I really don't remember.
91 . Halloween: Ditto. My memories don't last longer than a few months.
92 . New Year's Eve: Drank champaigne with my parents. Family tradition is to celebrate New Year with immediate family only.
93 . Easter: Dyed eggs with a friend, went to church (whcih I only do on Easter), ate and slept a lot.
94 . Spring break: Worked a lot.
95 . Thanksgiving: Visited one of the cousins. Don't remember which one.
96 . Valentine's day: Thought about someone a little.

97 . Something you would never be caught dead wearing: Ugly shapeless clothes in most horrible patterns, something typical Americans wear just about everywhere. I do have a nice figure and prefer to show it while I can.
98 . Something you wear all the time: my watch.
99 . Something you can't believe you used to wear: since I give/throw away things I don't wear, I have nothing to remember by, therefore I don't know.
100 . Something you only wear on special occasions: ball/evening gowns. Very expensive jewelry.
101 . Something you only wear on "lazy days": Bathrobes.
102 . Would you say you are "trendy": Nah. I wear things that allow me to present myself in best possible light, regardless of whether they are the latest fashion or not.
103 . Something you think no one should wear: Things that don't correspond to their body type. It looks ugly and silly.
104 . Something you think looks good on the opposite sex: Depends on the man. :) But "skin" is a good universal answer.

~How concerned are you about~
105 . Choosing a career path: I am already on the said path.
106 . Finding your "soul mate": If I find him, good. If not, also good.
107 . Your grades: When they start falling. And before the firs exam.
108 . Money: I know I have enough for my life, but money is one of my main motivating powers.
109 . Becoming a mother/father at a young age: Not at all. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy or get rid of it.
110 . Crime: Not really. I still can't seriously contemplate that someone can dare to commit a crime against my person or property. And I don't really care about society. Only my family and friends...
111 . Other people's problems: If they are close family or friends, very much. If not, they should shut up deal with their problems.
112 . Your own problems: No. I know I can solve them, with God's help.

~General q's~
113 . Something you think is pointless: Stupid people.
114 . Something you hope will happen some day: I would prefer to keep it to myself.
115 . Something you hope will never happen: me becoming disabled and helpless
116 . What are you thinking right now: that I really should be doing some work instead.
117 . Favorite quote from a movie: Many, but all of them somewhat changed to fit my own life and purposes :)
118 . Favorite quote from a TV show: Don't have one.
119 . Favorite quote from a song: Depends on my mood of the moment, therefore extemely variable.
120 . The meaning of life: Doing what I think is best, never stopping, never giving up.

I like Gandi. But I am the exact opposite of him. This test is definitely wrong.

What would you do if you could time travel?
Your age?
What you will time travel in. H.G. Wells Time Machine-Stealing this from the Warner Bros. Lot in Hollywood took some time but you managed to get it....I applaud you!
What will you do.. Go back to the early 1980's and put stock in Microsoft...come back and be rich.
The year you will get stuck in. 1484
This QuickKwiz by tazlon_x - Taken 7919 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

1484... Not a bad year, actually. Soon after Hundred Years War, rise of Habsburgs, last days of Burgundy as a power... very fun time. I don't protest.

Which Harry Potter Couple Are You?
Favorite Color
You Love: Werewolves
You Dated: Fred Weasley
You Shagged: George Weasley
Your Couple:
Everyone Hates You: TRUE
You Shagged: - 53%
This cool quiz by iamsamshope - Taken 432 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Teehee. I guess I couldn't really tell the difference between the twins. Not that it would matter :)

let's see:
your name
do you smoke?
do you drink?
stronger drugs?
your favourite activity
you are A chatter box
you wish you were A sex bomb
you hope To become more tolerant and good-looking everyday
people think you are Evil
intelligent people though, think you are A mistery unsolved
but, really, you're just A good hearted thing
This QuickKwiz by apistrakus - Taken 26439 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

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