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Evil Robins and Father's Day plans

After I came home from work today, I spent a couple hours sitting in the backyard next to the cherry tree, reading an old sci-fi written back in the 1930s (quite fascinating, actually, in more ways than one) and chasing away robins trying to eat the nearly ripe cherries. Finally it was dark enough for robins to go away, and my mom found some gauze-type cloth, the last several yards at Wal-Mart. So we made a kind of cover for the tree so the birds can't get to the berries. That means I won't have to spend next week chained to the tree. :) Now in the dark it looks like we have a really fat ghost with huge ears resting in our backyard.

I wasn't going to work on Sunday, as it's Father's Day in US and I was going to spend it with my family. However, a co-worker who helped me out many times asked me to work a part of his shift so he could get his car fixed. I agreed. Nonetheless, I should be out by 3 p.m. so I can still take my parents out for dinner. I listed every single restaurant in the five-mile radius, save the fast food joints, yet my father was adamant that he wants to go to Red Lobster. Then Red Lobster it is. It's his day, after all. I already gave him the gifts - a really nice card, a box of great chocolates (very tasty, locally made about thirty miles from here, and terribly expensive) and a blender. :)

Finally, a long meme stolen from hawkelf.

(1) The singular most boring question: what is your name? Anna
(2) Are you happy with it? Yes. It is my favorite name.
(3) Are you named after anyone? After my mom's favorite grandmother, mainly, but my father also had relatives named "Anna".
(5) Your screen-name: Hellga
(6) Would you name a child of yours after you? No. Two of a kind would be too confusing.
(7) Then what would you name your children? Depends on which country the said children would be born and living in.
(8) If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? I don't know. Possibly Andrej (Russian for Andrew).
(9) If you could switch names with a friend, who would that be? I wouldn't.
(10) Are there any mispronunciations/typos that people do with your name constantly: Anne or Ann. Or simply the way Americans normally pronounce "Anna" which has very little in common with the way my name should sound. It should be more or less AHN-na, though few Russians would call me Anna. Most would go for Anya, Anyuta, Anechka, Annushka and so on.
(11) Would you drop your last name if you became famous? No. I am very proud of my ancient name and my ancestors who worked hard to become and stay who we are. I would never give it up. Though if I were to name a company after myself, I would use my initials, AVL.
(12) Your gender: female
(13) Straight/gay/bi? Straight.
(14) Single? Yes.
(15) Want to be? Yes.
(16) Your birthday: June 28. Soon. :)
(17) Your age: 21, for then next 10 days :)
(18) Age you act: about 25
(19) Age you wish you were: I like being 21. And expect to like being 22. Age is not a concern for me. Not yet, at least. Though when my friend who just turned 30 says "Oh, I didn't have it/I could do it too until I turned 25" it makes me think I have less time to be young than I think :D
(20) Your height? 176.5 cm or 5'9.5"
21) The color of your eyes: brown, the most common eyecolor on Earth
(22) Happy with it? Everyone in my family has interesting eye color - gray, emerald green, dark blue, and I just have common boring brown... But it's better than light blue, at any rate.
(23) The color of your hair: Reddish-brown, shiny and naturally ever-changing with every ray of light.
(24) Happy with it? Very.
(25) Left/right/ambidextrous? Mostly right-handed, but some things I do better with left.
(26) Your living area? Two rooms, one for sleeping/dressing/relaxing, the other for studying/computer.
(27) Your family: My parents.
(28) Have any pets? No.
(29) What's your job: Pharmacist intern at Walgreen's for over three years now...
(30) Piercings? One in each ear.
(31) Tattoos? Nope.
(32) Obsessions? Change a lot.
(33) Addictions? Tea, sunflower seeds, internet, earrings.
(35) Do you speak another language? I speak Russian, English, German (understanding much better than speaking), Spanish (rather broken and my vocabulary is limited but I am working on it).
(36) Have a favorite quote? "Our cause is just, we will win." Prize if you know who said it.
(37) Do you have a webpage: Linked.

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it
(38) Do you live in the moment? I tend to live in the future a lot, but in the present too. Past, however, is largely packed away in the far corners of my memory.
(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? No, in all honesty. Rather, I am very tolerant of some people, some people bother me by simply existing (sometimes for no reason at all. Must be something in their personality that my inner predator senses), and for most people I don't care enough either way.
(40) Do you have any secrets? Plenty.
(41) Do you hate yourself? No. Why would I?
(42) Do you like your handwriting? Yes. It's pretty, though not always easily readable. I am one of the few people younger than 50 in US who still uses cursive. Come on, people, it's so much faster!
(43) Do you have any bad habits? Sure.
(44) What is the compliment you get most from people? My beatiful and vast earrings collection, my accent, my voice, my caring attitude (that's coming from patients).
(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called? I have no idea. It's way too early for that, anyway. My story isn't written yet.
(46) What's your biggest fear? Disability. Weakness. Failure.
(47) Can you sing? Not in any way worth listening.
(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool? I often pretend to be different than I am, for variety of reasons. Often, to get my way or to protect myself. It would be stupid to tell some people just how low my opinion of them really is, so I just suck it up.
(49) Are you a loner? More often than not.
(50) What are your No. 1 priorities in life? Career. Fun. Health.
(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Not sure. How different a person would I be? A lot of people want to be my friends, more than people I want to have as friends. But there are many people who think I am an arrogant, stuck-up, cruel, stiff bitch.
(52) Are you a daredevil? No.
(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? Hate? Laziness. Fear? Potential for cruelty. Tendency to overreact.
(54) Are you passive or aggressive? Rather aggressive.
(55) Have you got a journal? This one, obviously.
(56) What is your greatest strength and weakness? Strength - intelligence & strong will. Weakness - laziness, cowardice.
(58) There are three wells, love, beauty and creativity? Possibly.
(59) How do you vent? Usually, I don't. But when I boil over, I just tell to whomever happens to be nearby.
(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong? Very.
(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life? My rule is to regret nothing.
(62) Do you think life has been good so far? Vast majority of time.
(63) What is the most important lesson you've learned from life? You are the only person who really has power to affect your life.
(64)What do you like the most about your body? It's reasonably healthy, reasonably pretty and strong enough.
(65) And least? I'll keep that private, thank you.
(66) Do you think you are good looking? Yes.
(67) Are you confident? Sometimes, too much.
(68) What is the fictional character you're most like? I have no idea. I have never read about any that is anywhere like myself.
(70) Are you perceived wrongly? How shall I answer? People perceive me in the way I want to be perceived, which may or may not have anything to do with what I really am, depending on my goals.

(71) Smoke? No.
(72) Do drugs? No.
(73) Read the newspaper? Yes, every day.
(74) Pray? When I feel the need to do so.
(75) Go to church? On Easter and Christmas, and maybe one or two more times in a year.
(76) Talk to strangers who IM you? I don't IM.
(77) Sleep with stuffed animals? No, and never have, in my entire life. Seriously. But I still sleep on the same little pillow I have had as a newborn baby, in addition to the two big ones.
(78) Take walks in the rain? I hate feeling like a wet cat, therefore no.
(79) Talk to people even though you hate them? Of course. *blink* Don't most people?
(80) Drive? Unfortunately.
(81) Like to drive fast? Heck no.

(82) Liked your voice? Yes. But it's much nicer the way I hear it than the voice others hear and I hear on recordings.
(83) Hurt yourself? Oh yeah. Never intentionally, though.
(84) Been out of the country? Sure. I was born in Russia, and I have been in Ukraine, USA, Germany and Austria, and in many places in each of those countries, some of which are very big.
(85) Eaten something that made other people sick? No. I am a very picky eater.
(88) Been in love? No.
(89) Done drugs? No.
(90) Gone skinny dipping? No.
(91) Had a medical emergency? No.
(92) Had a surgery? Wisdom teeth removed.
(93) Ran away from home? No.
(94) Played strip poker? Yes.
(95) Gotten beaten up? No.
(96) Beaten someone up? Not really.
(97) Been picked on? Rarely and long ago.
(98) Been on stage? Sure. I loved it, and miss it.
(99) Been so drunk that you know you're supposed to go out on a date with someone, but you can't remember with who or when and that you faint when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, not to mention your breath? No.
(100) Slept outdoors? No.
(101) Thought about suicide? No.
(102) Pulled an all-nighter? Yes, but not for studying. For dancing, for travels.
(103) If yes, what is your record: A couple days without sleep, though it's unpleasant. It's just very hard to sleep on train stations, believe me.
(104) Gone one day without food? Yes. Not out of my own will, and it's also very unpleasant.
(105) Talked on the phone all night? No, but I have talked for three hours in a row without stopping with the same person. And I have talked into the whee hours of the night. However, I prefer to talk in person.
(106) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex first? As a child.
(107) Slept all day? Not really. Even if I went to bed at 10 am, I would still wake up by 5 or 6 in the evening.
(108) Killed someone? Do insects and spiders count? Otherwise now.
(109) Made out with a stranger? Ahem.
(110) Had sex with a stranger? No.
(111) Thought you're going crazy? Not seriously.
(112) Kissed the same sex? Not in THAT way.
(113) Done anything sexual with the same sex? No.
(114) Been betrayed? Not that I can recall.
(115) Had a dream that came true? Yes.
(116) Broken the law? Yes.
(117) Met a famous person? Yes.
(120) Have you ever killed an animal by accident? Not that I can remember. I always stop for squirrels and rabbits running across the road.
(121) On purpose? No. Unless insects and spiders count. I caused a mouse to die, though, but putting my cat into the barn where it was.
(145) Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? No.
(146) Stolen anything? No, unless you count all those Walgreen's pens that found their way into my home when my white coat went into the wash and I had to unload the pockets.
(147) Been on radio/tv? On TV, once, for half an hour on a local channel in a Red Cross program.
(148) Been in a mosh-pit? No.
(149) Had a nervous breakdown? No.
(150) Considered religious vocation? No.
(152) Bungee jumped? No, but I would love to.
(153) Had a dream that kept coming back? Yes. Pity they aren't those dreams I would really want to come back. And I often see the same buildings in my dreams, same train station. And my dreams are always in the same city, though it's not like any I have visited in real life. But a lot of the time, in an unfamiliar city I KNOW where something is, and describe an area perfectly, because I have been there. The only thing I can tell about this dream-city, is it's a big city, since it has all kinds of public transportation and tall buildings, and it's in Europe because it has baroque buildings as well.

(154) Shoe brand? None.

It seems questions 155-165 went MIA. If you have seen them or know of their whereabouts, please call your local sheriff's office.


(166) Believe in life on other planets? Somewhere in the Universe, definitely. Within the Solar System - no.
(167) Miracles? Yes.
(168) Astrology? Not seriously.
(170) God? Yes.
(171) Satan? No.
(172) Santa? No, and never did. It's not a Russian story.
(173) Ghosts? Not sure.
(174) Luck? Definitely.
(175) Love at first sight? No.
(176) Yin and Yang? Not really.
(177) Witches? Depends on what you mean by witches.
(178) Easter bunny? Never. Again, not a Russian story.
(179) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Not sure. Maybe. I don't think I could do something like that, though.
(180) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? No.
(181) Do you wish on stars? No. I don't look at the sky all that often.

(182) Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? Definitely not.
(183) Do you think God has a gender? No. But I tend to think of him as male, I talk to him as as a "he" and generally I talk to him in the same tone as my dad.
(184) Do you think that science counteracts religion? It doesn't have to.
(185) Do you believe in organized religion? It was created by people and for the people, and has it's role in the society. However, I don't think it has anything to do with God.
(186) Where do you think we go when we die? I don't know and I don't really care. I would hope to just die and that would be it.


(187) Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? Not that I know of.
(188) Who is your best friend? I have five.
(189) Who knows most about you? Natasha, probably. And my mom.
(190) What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you? Remember that the rest of the world can't do anything to you unless you allow it to happen. (my uncle)
(191) Your favorite inside joke? I don't have any.
(192) Thing you're picked on most about? It has been so long ago, I don't remember.
(193) Who's your longest known friend? Irinka. We have been best friends or just good friends for the last 19 years.
(194) Newest? Sarah & Maria, we met on the second day of orientation in pharmacy school.
(195) Shyest? I don't think any of my friends are shy, to be honest.
(196) Funniest? They all are.
(197) Sweetest? I don't know. Maybe Masha. Most of my friends aren't really "sweet".
(198) Closest? The five best friends.
(199) Weirdest? They all are, in their own way. That's why they ARE my friends.
(200) Smartest? Me. Sorry.
(201) Dumbest? I don't have dumb friends. Intelligence and sense of humor are required, those lacking need not apply.
(202) Friends you miss being close to the most? Natasha.
(203) Last person you talked to online? Kniazhna or Chertenok.
(204) Who do you talk to most online? All the girls from "beauty of sports" thread at FER
(205) Who are you on the phone with most? I am not fond of phones for personal communication.
(206) Who do you trust most? Natasha and Sarah.
(207) Who listens to your problems? They all do. Now this is mostly fulfilled by Sarah and Maria.
(208) Who do you fight most with? I never fight with my friends.
(209) Who's the nicest? They all are very nice.
(210) Who's the most outgoing? Selma.
(211) Who's the best singer? Irinka.
(212) Who's on your shit-list? Huh?
(213) Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend? Oh no. That's just wrong. Like incest.
(214) Who's your second family? I have only one, I need only one.
(215) Do you always feel understood? I don't know or really care. I am pretty happy the way I am.
(216) Who's the loudest friend? I don't know. None of my friends are really loud. I think it's very vulgar.
(217) Do you trust others easily? No.
(218) have you ever had a threesome? No.
(219) Name one person who's arms you feel safe in? I am not very touch-feely.
(220) Do your friends know you? They know as much as I am willing to show them. I am secretive.
(221) Friend that lives farthest away? Ahineeva. Fully half the world away, can't get any further than that.
(222) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title? To be honest, I didn't read the section titles.
(225) Do you consider love a mistake? No.
(226) What do you find romantic? I am not a romantic person, so I don't know if I am qualified to answer.
(227) Turn-ons? Ahem.
(228) Turn-offs? Screechy tone of voice. Bad manners. Stupidity. Sloppy kisses.
(229) First kiss? My own private business.
(231) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? I explain that I am not interested, in a nice or not so nice way (depending on the person). It makes me feel flattered (if that's someone I like) or insulted (if that's someone I despise).
(232) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going "blind"? Depends.
(233) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? Not sure.
(235) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Yes. It's the personality.
(236) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking? Possibly. I know for a fact that they tend to find me intimidating.
(237) What is best about the opposite sex? They are so much easier to talk to. Really. Though I still prefer females as close friends.
(238) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex? I don't know.
(245) Do you read porn? No.
(246) Who was your best boyfriend? Ahem.
(247) How long were you together for? Not that long. I seem to be incapable of long relationships. Escape mechanism ingrained in my subconscious.
(248) What's the last present someone gave you? Not sure. Something small...
(264) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk? Smile to him and see what happens. However, you know how long it has been since I walked down the street... In Omaha, everyone drives, no one walks.


(279) That haunted you? No one ever did.
(280) You wanted to kill? Probably some moron coming to the pharmacy.
(281) That you laughed at? Mom today while we were taking care of the cherry tree.
(282) That laughed at you? Mom, see above.
(283) That turned you on? Ahem.
(284) You went shopping with? by myself, today after work. Since I work at the place that sells useful household items, and delicious cookies and candy not found elsewhere and I have 15% discount...
(285) That broke your heart? No one ever did.
(286) To disappoint you? Not sure.
(287) To ask you out? It's been awhile.
(288) To make you cry? It's been a long while.
(289) To brighten up your day? My days are usually bright. Probably the last phone call I took, the nice lady with question about NSAIDs who said I am very knowledgeable, and nice, and caring, and friendly, and so on.
(290) That you thought about? I don't know. I tend to be wrapped up in things immediately around me, so I rarely miss people or think about them if I am not in contact with them.
(291) You saw a movie with? Parents. I caught the end of some movie on TV this night after I had tea.
(292) You talked to on the phone? The nice NSAID lady.
(293) You talked to through IM/ICQ? I don't IM.
(294) You saw? Parents.
(295) You lost? Don't know.

(337) Are you going out? No. I am getting ready to go to bed, since I have to work tomorrow morning.
(338) Will it be with your significant other? No.
(339) Or some random person? No.
(340) What are you wearing right now? White T-shirt and black and orange peasant skirt.
(342) What are you worried about right now? I am not.
(344) What's on your mousepad? It's plain blue.
(345) Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: Tired, calm, happy, content, lazy.
(346) Are you talking to anyone? No.
(347) Are you lonely or content? Content.
(348) Are you listening to music? Yes. Die Ärzte.
(349) Fucking glad the survey’s over? Yes. It was long, took me an hour to do.

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