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I am off for four days!

I am so glad to be off for several days in a row! As far as patients, it was a good day today. However, I am tired of some of my coworkers going to any length to avoid come less pleasant tasks. Namely, cleaning the cells. I swear, they don't bite. Half the frigging cells have only my initials under them for the last several months. Are they waiting for me to kick their ass? I have no qualms about making people miserable if they aggravate me, and I have been aggravated enough. Not to mention, I chipped a nail while cleaning the cells today, and it takes me so long to grow them out, they grow slowly and chip and splinter easily. I guess some people can't take hints, as they posses all the intellectual capacity of the backside of a banana slug.

On the more positive note, I bought my dad gifts today. Two books of cocktail recipes - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with pictures and a lot of detail (very interesting read...). A nice card. A box of chocolates. A bottle of very good (and terribly expensive!) Don Julio Tequila Reposado. And a bottle of Cointreau for our family needs. I finally gave in to the desire to spend money that I have been suppressing for days. Good.

Also, a Harry Potter themed meme, which proves I am evil.

12" Rowan & Thestral
You scored 68% Elementality, 93% Magic Knowledge, and 37% Goodness!
Your wand is 12" and rather flexible, made of rowan with a thestral tail hair core. The rowan is associated with powerful magic, and the breaking of and protection from evil enchantments. This wand will be especially useful in spells concerning those issues. The thestral is only visible to those who have seen death and, as such, can have a negative association. However, thestrals are also symbolic of being able to see beneath the surface and mindfulness, and the thestral tail hair in your wand will bring those elements to the party. This is a very powerful and potentially dangerous combination but, based upon your magical knowledge score, I am not worried about your ability to use it. Or maybe I should be...

<td valign="center">You scored higher than 3% on Goodness</td><table cellpadding="20">
Link: The Right Wand for YOU Test

Now off to bed, it's past midnight and tomorrow I need to get up early to get ready.
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