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Recap of the weekend

Well, it was certainly an eventful couple of days.

First, on Friday I came to work all excited that I am not going to be doing anything from Saturday evening after I get off work until Wednesday afternoon, and saw a note, begging me to work Monday, claiming that this will be "greatly appreciated". Ahem. I agreed, though I doubt it will be that greatly appreciated. Still, I am not about the anger the person who does the scheduling, right? I am not that saintly, nor have I ever wanted to be.

On Saturday I got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the mail while I as at work. So I came home around 6:30, read that paper (admire my patience!), ate dinner, hunted cucumbers and sprayed them, and settled down to read around 8 pm. Then I was down around 2:30 am the next day. So all in all I was reading at the rate of about 100 pages an hour. Not bad. Now I am rereading slower, trying to feel it through, when the first time was hurried and feverish. This is hampered by the fact that I need to read 150 page, small-type book on CPR before Wednesday afternoon, when I am to be certified. I am on page 8. Heh.

On Sunday, as I was calmly chopping strawberries for my breakfast, Megan, former IPSF chair called me. She said sweetly, that she is sorry she thought I know more than I apparently do, and that our exchange student is coming tonight. So I almost literally got a French girl dropped on my head. One of our professors is hosting her (though he will be leaving for Minnesota for a couple days before she is going home, so I prepared to offer the the room in our basement). I need to think of something for her to do, though Megan will have to shoulder most of it, as I am working just about every nigh. This week the only day off is Tuesday, and I have an appointment & I need to finish the frigging CPR & AED manuel.

That was kind of silly, being in the airport, looking for someone we didn't know anything about but the name Alix and that she is approximately 23-24 years old (turned out to be 21). Not that she looks like, nor the flight number. Only that it arrives at 9:30 from Chicago. There were two planes arriving at that time from Chicago, at two different sides of the airport (thank God one flight was delayed, and in Omaha airport is very small and getting from one gate to another took all of three minutes). We made a sign on a napkin with a ball-point pen. Still. We were lucky we got her loaded off before the storm started. Getting back into my car (I need to drop Megan off by her car), we both got drenched in the thirty seconds it took to jump off the porch and get into the car.

I am glad I have been working on gaining some good carma recently, because in the storm some moron got into the opposite lane, and almost hit me head on (I was going 50 mph, he wasn't any slower), so if I didn't have the space to swerve to the right, I wouldn't be sitting here today.
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