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More mess

According to the other people at the pharmacy, I attract pink. I would specify that it's pink-colored elixirs used to treat seizures that have unusual affinity for my clothes. Today I got valproic acid over my coat (though nothing else). I have never been clumsy in my life, but at 7 am it's too much to try and hold heavy slippery bottle in one hand and try to press the syringe tight to the too-large opening at the same time drawing the plunger (which is very hard to do with a 10 ml syringe) with the other hand. Interstingly enough, I was wearing a pink blouse yesterday, and a pink striped shirt today... At least, that was my last day at the unit dose. I had to bandage my fingers to stop blisters from forming from drawing all those syringes. I now need to sort the piles of papers from the whole summer, and determine the plan of attack for the next couple weeks. There is so much to do in such a short time...
Tags: i am a moron, really weird, slaving away
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