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New developments and the meme

IT felt very good to NOT get up at 5am. Tomorrow I am going to the First Ladies exhibit Smithsonian brought to Omaha. Now my plan is to start sorting through the pictures.

I have dropped Spanish. I decided not to risk turning into nervous wreck who is always late. It seems fate is always against me continuing with a language... Maybe I am fated to be ever-travelling, like my nomadic ancestors many centuries ago...

Now, a meme.

Type "[your name] is" in the Google search bar (be sure to include the quotation marks) and post your 5 most entertaining results.

ANNA is based on first-order logic and includes generalized type constraints,
virtual checking functions and behavior specification constructs,

Well, I am certainly logical...

Anna is the type of girl who spends her free time writing science fiction
Anna is not happy about this, but she tries it out for the sake of the play.

Well, since I don't like sci-fi, and don't write anything anymore, that's probably true that I am not happy about this :D

Anna is used to being admired. Her family adores her, young men fall in love ...
136) But the most alluring thing about Anna is something that lies just

Admire me, you puny mortals! :D

Anna is forced to adapt to a new life in a strange country when her family moves to
... Based on a true story, every bit of the tumutuous life of Anna is ...

Oh yes, precious, did I have to adapt...

Anna is a confusing character of many names. She is first mentioned by ...
From the start, Anna is said to have been given in marriage to King Lot of ...

Well, I wouldn't mind marrying a king. Any king. If I didn't like him, I could always poison him and rule by myself... :D

Overall, good 2/3 of the results on the first several pages were related to Anna Karenina.
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