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Updating too much, are we, precious?

I think people are overreacting, to be honest. I don't know everything that's going on, though, especially since I don't go to chat nor visit Basts' Temple, but I do think people are making it a greater problem than it is.

Yes, life does slow down even on the most wonderful boards every once in a while. Imladris went through that several times during its almost five years of existence, and while we lost many wonderful people during that time (I have been there 2.5 years, so I am only speaking about that time now), we survived, and many new wonderful people joined. A community is a living breathing organism, and it cannot conserve itself in any given phase. Golden Age always ends, even for countries. Is it sad? Yes. But the next age might be Rose Age. Or Fudge Age. Things can be just as great in an entirely different way. Let the omnipotent time heal the wounds, the community as old and as well-connected as the (large part of the) PPC is will survive. Some people we know and love won't be there on the other side of the break. They will be missed, but life won't stop. Jay and Acacia have left, but the PPC didn't die. It changed a little and moved on.

I would say, add the quality content and take life easier. I think one of the board's problems is that everyone dumps a lot of negative emotions there, forgetting that one of the most important things is to have fun. When Sues were hunted and reviled, it was done in the spirit of fun, not bitterness. That is what have changed in the last months. That is what I miss. We played with bitterness, and it took a life of its own and consumed us. Let's relax and have more fun. Take life and yourselves less seriously. That has helped me through great many things (besides, I don't think I would have survived America for such a long time had I been more serious. Nebraska is a horrible place for a Russian to find herself at; I no longer hate it, I have learned to appreciate its better qualities, but it almost broke me).

On a lighter note, today I was driving to work, and hearing something about North Korea on radio made me think (I rarely think unless required to do so - thinking makes my head hurt). See, Kim Jong-il was born in the Far East of the Soviet Union during World War II, when his father was serving in the Soviet Army, and his name in Russian was "Yura" (pronounced YOO-rah). Yura is a form of Yurij, a name which etymologically is a form of Georgij (pronounced Gheh-O-rghij), which, as is probably rather obvious, a name corresponding to English "George". So, do we have a George vs. George thing coming? (Yes, this is a rhetorical question. No, I don't want it answered)

A self-plug in the end - a poem about Maedhros
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