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Plans, plans, plans...

Got my list of rotations. Actually, things are quite bright at the moment. I can pick 10 places I like out of the list offered, so even if the two I am trying to set up myself don't work out, I won't be too terribly disappointed. That's always good to know, so I can stop freaking out until next fall, when I will start looking at my post-graduation life.

For my Acute I rotation, I am thinking of either adult ICU at NMC or adult inpatient at the county hospital. In either case, it will be early mornings and 40 minutes drive, but I can live at home. And our cafeteria food is good.

For Acute II, I only considered sites across the street, but I am undecided between cardiology, critical care and transplants. I heard a lot of good things about critical care and transplants...

For Ambulatory I, I really want to do Kohll's Pharmacy and Homecare, though I might settle for Dr. Cowley's rotation across the street in Internal Medicine.

For Ambulatory II, I would love to go to Indian Health Services facility in Arizona. Sounds exciting. If I don't get it (though I doubt many of my classmates will rank it high - Nebraskans generally don't know or care about anything beyond their cows' tails), I will settle for VA hospital here in town.

For Non-Patient Care, I will probably rank either DaVita or MDS or Tropical Medicine in Peru the highest to ensure I get it.

For Electives, I am also considering the poison control center, Nebraska Pharmacists Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and also a small-town pharmacy in a couple tiny Nebraska towns out west. I have to complete a rural rotation anyway, and that would be my only opportunity to go out there. I have never been to a small town, and I can only imagine them like something out of the old Western movies. :)

My worries eased, my skin should return to normal and not look like I died a week ago. Hopefully, sleep schedule will not be as screwed as last weeks, too. I had such circles under my eyes, I looked like a panda bear.
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