Anna (hellga) wrote,

Sunday notes

Why is it that any team that has a misfortune to attract my attetion starts loosing like crazy? Out of 4 (four!) of my favorite teams in three different leagues that I wanted to win today NONE won? One tied, and three lost, two of them badly. Is it impossible to be favored by both fate and me? Too much for any one entity?

Flu shot clinic went fine. I learned once again, that the only real skill I have is talking. I would talk all the way before, during and after the shot, so people didn't even realize when I stuck needle into them.

Finally, my voice is now hoarse, because my mom lured me outside and scared me with a huge green caterpillar, thicker than my thumb and as long as my middle finger. I screamed so hard, I had a coughing fit for several minutes after that. Oh God, how I hate those things. Almost anything invertebrate...
Tags: critters, pharmacy tales, футбол
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