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Good news:

- A lady came to talk about Rural Community Service program, which can compensate me for rural rotation expenses if I agree to do 3 hours of community service a week. Of course I would. That means I don't have to limit myself to the rotations with housing, I can go to that rotation in Imperial. That means I can see the Chimney Rock, and drive over to the Rapid City to see Mount Rushmore one day, and maybe even go to the Yellowstone if I can talk my preceptor into a three-day weekend. That would be incredibly exciting! :) Or if it's in winter, I could go skiing in Colorado... Or any number of things. It's 7 to 8 hours away from Omaha, though, so I would be completely cut off...

- I got my first official invitation to interpret at an elementary school next week. I am excited. That's an experience I can put down in my CV! Unlike my translations of Tolkien-related stuff for various websites.

- Some company was giving out their drinks in the cafeteria for free. I got two cans. Will try them tomorrow.

- My allergy is pretty much over. Yay!


- I need to think of/write a skit for my Italian class. I am the only person out of five in my group who is capable of doing it. And we need to plan a time outside of class to rehearse, probably. Since I know two girls are out of state and don't really know anyone here yet, that would also give them some chance to hang out with someone they know...

- I need to apply to Eli Lilly as soon as I hear from our HR lady about my CV and make adjustments accordingly.

Bad News: N/A :p
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