Anna (hellga) wrote,


Cheesecake cracked just a little bit today. If it's baked throughout, then next time I use half-portion, I will bake at 305 degrees for 51 minutes. Now I have it written so I don't forget it.

Now it'll cool down and then I'll decorate it tonight. I think it's whipped cream, chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries today. Tomorrow it should be nice and ready to go... I just hope the crust doesn't crumble (I haven't used this kind yet) and it tastes good. It's for my committee at school. They shall sell me their souls for the slice of cheesecake. Evil me.

On the unrelated note, I *need* to fill out Eli Lilly application today. Our HR lady said that my CV is excellent and flawless... let's see if that will get me where I want to be...

I'm also surprised how much Italian I can understand already. It's something undescribably fascinating, when once unfamiliar language comes to life...
Tags: food, languages, my cooking

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