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Reverse trick-or-treating at the booth across from cafeteria was fun. I went as a bellydancer again, but this time I wore mostly blue. I don't have my own pics, but if our adviser has good one of me, I'll post it later.

The rest of the day wasn't fun, and this weeks as a whole sucks. And I have a feeling the whole cardiology unit is going to suck. Oh well. I now have to work up the case in congestive heart failure so that Liz can do her part tomorrow morning. Bleh. We haven't even had lectures yet. And we have to present it later, and stupid quizzes, and cardiology exam Thursday. What a sucky week. Though I will go to MRM on Saturday, I'll se if that's any fun. Then if Sunday is good weather (and so far forecasts are cool & sunny), I will go to Kansas City. That's something to look forward to.
Tags: girlishness, slaving away
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