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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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(no subject)
I am so tired, I want to sleep more than I want to live. I tried to answer a couple Very Important E-mails since I have to wait for Italian anyways, but I am just too tired and make far too many typos. I don't want to risk one of them slipping in and making me look like an illiterate moron. So that will have to wait. At least I had hot lunch, so my hands and feet are above room temperature. This exam was probably one of the worst I have had to take in my entire college career. He promised to grade it by Thanksgiving, so we will see how it goes. As if that wasn't enough, I look like I have died a week ago.

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*huge hug*

....just sounded like you could use one. :o)
Weekend's close - hopefully bringing some sleep for you.

Thanks, treebs. *hugs back* I am looking forward to sleeping late on Sunday. :) And actually tomorrow, since I don't have to be on campus until noon.

I'm the same way- I'm tired when I get up, tired all day long, and tired when I go to bed. I find myself opting out on doing nifty things to take a nap instead. I wonder if its caused by some sort of virus. =\

Nah, for me it's only when I've slept three hours because of a stupid exam and 8am lab. Normally I am perfectly fine. Since this semester I have a sane schedule with classes starting at 10:30 or later all days but Thursdays I don't even fall asleep in class anymore. But best luck to you... As far as virus, mononucleosis is actualy manifested by one being sleepy all the time, but for me personally constant sleepiness for several years was caused by having to get up unnaturally early 6 days a week.

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