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The week

Actually, the week I was dreading turned out to be very nice. Especially today. As if the year of 2005 decided to get even and pay me back for the horror of January and February. I got accepted by Eli Lilly for U.S. Regulatory Affairs rotation for August 2006. When I got off the phone with the coordinator, I screamed and jumped for a few seconds, and then called mom. :) I was so happy I couldn't concentrate on reviewing for exam. However, I think I did pretty well... And at work today, I got to counsel really well a couple times, and one person went to the store manager and told him how great I am. Little thing, but made my day. A good person somewhere out there must be wishing me well - even little things went great today - like the drug that I needed being in the already opened tote, out of about 20 totes we got from the warehouse, and it was the first one I looked at. I joked that I should have gone to a bar instead of home after work, on a day like that I could have met love of my life... As if. :D Nonetheless, an excellent day today, not marred even by the fact that I forgot to put a pair of low-heeled shoes into my car and spent my entire 5,5 hour shift on 6 cm heels. Ouch. It wasn't bad until about last hour, when my feet decided they are being abused and mistreated... OK now, though.

So if you need a little bit of good mood to lighten up your day, you are welcome to mine. :)

You Are Lemon Meringue Pie

You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet

Those who like you have well refined tastes

This meme reminds me... I might make swirl cheesecake this weekend. I have never made swirl before, and my mom loves cheesecake, she will be happy if I make some for her...
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