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Rotation blabbing and some other stuff

I displayed truly angelic patience today, inspite of Mike giving a 15-minute solo performance. Doesn't that guy get that same joke gets old after a while and it's dumb to repeat it 20 times in a row? He is only the second person I know who makes me clench my teeth by just being within my range of hearing. But good things come to those who wait, right? That means I should get an A on my Law exam. Another lucky thing that happened, my parent's new computer arrived today, and the delivery truck and I came at the same time - I pulled from the lower road, he from the upper. So it's a good thing I didn't stay at school too long after class, even though I wanted to chat some more, I felt compelled to go home. Intuition. :)

I got the Blue Cross Blue Shield (one of the major insurance companies in North America) rotation for May. It's only about 20-25 minutes drive from my home. Everyone said it's a great first rotation - not too difficult, interesting, with reasonable hours. It's also a great experience, and the preceptors are both great. Besides, May is actually the best month in Omaha - warm, not too hot and not yet humid, great time for picknicks, barbecues, tanning, playing volleyball and simply enjoying the outdoors, so I am very happy not just that I got the rotation but that I got it for this particular month. Besides, that means I won't have to take Italian final early next semester because I will still be in Omaha. :) So I know my fate for 5 months out of 12. The other 7 rotation will be determined by the computer, so I won't know the details until March.

Also, I have already written some of the cards and I will drop the Christmas Cards to my foreign friends into mailbox tomorrow, so hopefully they should be there in about 10 days. US cards will go out sometime late next week.
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